Assistant Professor
Department of History

Miller Shores Wright

8000 Batten Arts & Letters
Norfolk, 23529



Research Interests

Dr. Miller S. Wright specializes in the Native American slave trade in North America and Brazil in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. He is interested in how Native captivity practices and the Native slave trade influenced conceptions of race, bondage, and indigeneity in the Atlantic slave trade. Some of Dr. Wright’s previous work focuses on how Creek matrilineages and women developed their own understandings of racialized slavery and property traditions in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. He teaches courses on Native America, Cultural Change, Colonial America, and US History.


Wright, M. (2022). "A Man's Children Have No Claim to His Property": Creek Matrilineal Property Relations and Gendered Conflict at the Turn of the Nineteenth Century.. Native South 13 , pp. 158-189.
Wright, M. (2022). Matrilineal Management: How Creek Women and Matrilineages Shaped Distinct Forms of Racialized Slavery in Creek Country at the Turn of the Nineteenth Century. Journal of Southern History 88 (1) , pp. 39-72.