School of Accountancy

Michael Stein

NORFOLK, 23529

Professor of Accounting

Ph.D. in Accounting, University of British Columbia, (1988)

M.A. in Economics, University of Pennsylvania, (1981)

B.B.A. in Accounting, University of Pennsylvania, (1980)

B.A. in Philosophy, Rutgers College, Rutgers University, (1975)

Research Interests

Industrial Organization


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Li, S., Stein, M. and Wang, L. (2010). ’Keep silent, make money’: Can Chinese firms’ financial data be trusted?. Hong Kong Economic Journal Monthly May , pp. 88-90.

Book Chapters

Stein, M. and Akono, H. (2014). Estimating Audit Fees and Production Models The Routledge Companion to Auditing (pp. 276 - 286) Oxford: Routledge.


Li, S., Stein, M. and Selover, D. D. (May , 2008). Earnings management in China Annual Finance Meeting Taipei.