Assistant Professor of African American History
Department of History

Marvin T Chiles

NORFOLK, 23529

Ph.D. in African American History, University of Georgia, (2020)

M.A. in American History, James Madison University, (2016)

Contracts, Grants and Sponsored Research

"Landmarks Program Selection Committee . Old Dominion University. January 2021 - March 2021


20th Century African American; Southern; Urban; Education; High School and College Sports


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Chiles, M. T. Man on a Mission: Boo Williams and The Rise of Modern Basketball. McFarland Publishing, Co., (Under Contract). .
(2023). The Struggle to Change: Race and The Politics of Reconciliation in Modern Richmond. University of Virginia Press.
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  • 2022: William M.E. Rachal Award Winner (2022), Virginia Historical Society
  • 2020: African American Studies Institute Lee B. Giles Encouragement Award, Institute for African American Studies at the University of Georgia