Department of Management

Karen Eagle

NORFOLK, 23529

An experienced entrepreneur, Dr. Eagle joined the faculty in 2016 and as the Strome College of Business Entrepreneurship Area Coordinator, she advises students on the Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Minor and Certificate.

Ph.D. in Occupational/Technical Studies, Old Dominion University, (2016)

M.S. in Business and Industry Training, Old Dominion University, (2010)

B.S. in Marketing Education, James Madison University, (1983)


Entrepreneurship, Small BusinessManagement, Business Startup,Leadership
Buying, Sales Promotion, Brand Development, & Personal Selling
Fashion Design
Apparel Design and Manufacturing, Textiles

Research Interests

Small Business


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  • 2022: Outstanding Faculty Advising Award, Strome College of Business
  • 2021: 2021 Best Paper Innovation Teaching/Management Education Track, Southern Management Association
  • 2021: Recognized by LeADERS Program Graduate, LeADERS Program
  • 2021: Finalist: Excellence in Entrepreneurship Education competition , USASBE
  • 2019: Shining Star Award, Division of Student Engagement & Enrollment Services
  • 2005: DIVA Bridal Retailer of the Year, Atlanta Apparel Mart