Assistant Professor

Joseph Tamborski

NORFOLK, 23529

-Postdoctoral Fellow, Ocean Frontier Institute; joint appointment between Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (Department of Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry) and Dalhousie University (Centre for Water Resources Studies) (2018 - 2020)
-Postdoctoral Researcher, Observatoire Midi Pyrénées (LEGOS) (2016 - 2018), Chemical Oceanography
-PhD, Stony Brook University (2016), Geosciences
-BS, University at Buffalo (2012), Environmental Geosciences

Research Interests

I am a coastal hydrogeologist interested in how groundwater flow impacts marine and aquatic environments. I use geochemical (radon, radium isotopes) and geophysical tracers (heat) to quantify groundwater-surface water interactions in tidal rivers, wetlands, estuaries and continental-shelf environments. I am broadly interested in improving our understanding of the various mechanisms that drive groundwater flow in the coastal zone, and how this impacts water quality and biogeochemical cycles. Past projects have focused on identifying sources of nitrogen contamination in coastal groundwater and its role in driving water quality impairments. Current projects are focused on the lateral export of “blue carbon”, or carbon “outwelling” from groundwater-surface water exchange, a major sink of DIC, DOC and TA in the coastal ocean.

I am currently looking for new students! Research projects in my lab are interdisciplinary and we welcome students with backgrounds in geology, environmental science, oceanography, environmental engineering, etc. Please reach out to discuss research opportunities!