Director, Geospatial & Vis Sys
Information Technology Services

George Mcleod

NORFOLK, 23529

Since 2004, Dr. George McLeod has devoted his time to expanding and enhancing geospatial research and academic instruction at Old Dominion University. As the Director of the Center for Geospatial Science, Education, and Analytics (GeoSEA) and Senior Fellow with the Commonwealth Center for Recurrent Flooding Resiliency (CCRFR) and Institute for Coastal Adaption and Resilience (ICAR) he combines expertise in geospatial data science, geovisualization, remote sensing, and UAV operations with a deep understanding of ocean science to advance coastal hazards, human impacts, and flooding resilience research in Virginia.

Ph.D. in Oceanography, Old Dominion University, ()

M.S. in Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Old Dominion University, (2009)

B.S. in Geography, Old Dominion University, (2004)

B.S. in Marketing, Virginia Commonwealth University, (1993)

Conference Proceeding

Mcleod, G., McGee, J., Webb, D. and Clayton, R. (2008). Modifying a Califronia DACUM to Assess Industry Need in Virginia ESRI IUC.
Mcleod, G., Allen, T. and Oertel, G. (2007). Analysis of Tidal Flushing Using Multitemporal ASTER Thermal Data and a Tidal Repletion Model AAG.
Mcleod, G., McGee, J., Wilson, J. and Allen, T. (2007). Assessing Viginias Geospatial Workforce and Educational Needs ESRI IUC.


Mcleod, G., Allen, T. and Oertel, G. ( 2007). Analysis of Tidal Flushing Using Mulittemporal ASTER Thermal Data and Tidal Repletion Model Chincoteague Inlet.