Associate Professor

Elizabeth Groeneveld

NORFOLK, 23529

Elizabeth Groeneveld (Ph.D., University of Guelph) is an Assistant Professor in Women’s Studies. Her research in the area of feminist media studies explores third- and post-wave feminist publishing, specifically zines and magazines.

Ph.D. in Literary Studies, University of Guelph, (2010)

M.A. in Theory, Culture, and Politics, Trent University, (2003)

B.A. in Women's Studies and English Language and Literature, Brock University, (2000)


Women's Issues
media; popular culture; sexuality


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Groeneveld, E. (2016). Making Feminist Media: Third-Wave Magazines on the Cusp of the Digital Age. Laurier University Press.

Book Chapters

Groeneveld, E. (2013). Crafting Publics in Feminist Periodicals Modern Print Activism in the United States (pp. 205-220) Burlington, VT: Ashgate Press.
Groeneveld, E. (2011). 'Not a Postfeminism Feminist': Feminism's Third Wave Not Drowning, But Waving: Women, Feminism, and the Liberal Arts (pp. 271-284) Edmonton, AB: University of Alberta Press.


Groeneveld, E. (December , 2016). FEMEN’s Fame and Feminist Shame: Intersectional Feminist Response to FEMEN Paper Crossroads in Cultural Studies Sydney, Australia.
Groeneveld, E. (December , 2016). “‘I Really Don’t Understand’: Pedagogies of Pleasure in On Our Backs Paper Mapping the Magazine Sydney, Australia.
Groeneveld, E. (May , 2015). HUES Magazine, the Politics of Alliance and Critical Multiculturalism Paper Publishing Feminisms Banff, Alberta.
  • 2017: Archives and the Digital Afterlife of Social Movement Media. Summer Research Fellowship Program, Old Dominion University
  • 2017: Finalist, Forward INDIES Book Prize for Making Feminist Media: Third-Wave Magazines on the Cusp of the Digital Age, Forward INDIES Book Prize
  • 2017: Honorable Mention, Research Society for American Periodicals
  • 2014: Nominated for the H. Noel Fieldhouse Award for Distinguished Teaching, McGill Univeristy
  • 2013: Nominated for the H. Noel Fieldhouse Award for Distinguished Teaching, McGill Univeristy
  • 2012: Zine-Making Residency at the Roberts Street Social Center and Anchor Zine Library, Halifax, NS, for the completion of The Sex Project; or, How I Got Into Women’s Studies zine, Roberts Street Social Center
  • 2007: Ontario Graduate Scholarship,
  • 2005: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Doctoral Fellowship, Sciences and Humanities Research Council
  • 2005: University of Guelph Graduate Scholarship, University of Guelph
  • 2001: Bagnani Entrance Award, Trent University
  • 2001: Rosalind Hyman Blauer Award, Brock University
  • 2000: Melvin Perlman Award, Brock University