Professor and Associate Dean for Research, Graduate Studies, and Faculty Affairs
College of Arts & Letters

Dr. Dale Miller

NORFOLK, 23529

Ph.D. in Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh, (1999)

M.A. in Economics, University of Pittsburgh, (1993)

B.A. in Philosophy and Political Science, Wichita State University, (1989)


Ethical Theory, Practical Ethics (including Business, Environmental, and Political Ethics), Political Philosophy, J. S. Mill

Research Interests

Ethical Theory (esp. Consequentialism), Social and Political Philosophy, J. S. Mill


Miller, D. E. (2021). Moral Education and Rule Consequentialism. 71 (1) , pp. 120-40.
Miller, D. E. (2017). Mill's Act-Utilitarian Interpreters on Utilitarianism Chapter V Paragraph 14. Canadian Journal of Philosophy 47 (5) , pp. 674–93.
Miller, D. E. (2015). The Place of Plural Voting in Mill’s Conception of Representative Government. Review of Politics 77 (3) , pp. 399–423.
Miller, D. E. (2000). John Stuart Mill's Civic Liberalism. History of Political Thought XXI , pp. 88–113.
Miller, D. E. (2003). Actual-Consequence Act Utilitarianism and the Best Possible Humans. Ratio XVI (1) , pp. 49–62.


Miller, D. E. (2010). J. S. Mill: Moral, Social and Political Thought. Polity Press.

Book Chapters

Miller, D. E. (2014). Rule Utilitarianism The Cambridge Companion to Utilitarianism (pp. 146-165) Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Miller, D. E. and Medvic, S. K. . (2002). Campaign Ethics: Self-Interest or Civic Responsibility? in . Shades of Gray: Perspectives on Campaign Ethics (pp. 18–38) Washington, DC: Brookings Institute.
Miller, D. E. (2006). Mill's Theory of Sanctions The Blackwell Guide to Mill's Utilitarianism (pp. 159–73) Blackwell.
  • 2017: Charles O. and Elizabeth C. Burgess Faculty Research and Creativity Award, College of Arts and Letters, Old Dominion University
  • 2017: Outstanding Service to the College Award, College of Arts and Letters, Old Dominion University
  • 2015: Senior Scholar, College of Arts and Letters, Old Dominion University
  • 2011: Robert L. Stern Award for Excellence in Teaching, College of Arts and Letters
  • 2007: Residential Fellowship, Centre for Ethics, Philosophy and Public Affairs, St. Andrews University (St. Andrews, Scotland)
  • 1992: Economics and Philosophy Fellow, University of Pittsburgh Economics Department