Senior Lecturer
Engineering Management & Systems Engineering

Charlie Daniels

NORFOLK, 23529

Mr. Daniels has over 30 years of experience in organizational management and leadership, communications systems, information systems, management consulting, change management, employee and leadership development and quality improvement in both government and commercial enterprises.

Ph.D. in Engineering Management, Old Dominion University, (2012)

M.E. in Engineering Management, The George Washington University, (2003)

B.S. in Engineering, State University of New York, (1994)

Certified Professional in Engineering Management (CEMP)
Sponsoring Organization: American Society of Engineering Management
Date Obtained: 2012-07-05
Level 4 Raytheon Program Manager
Sponsoring Organization: Raytheon Company
Date Obtained: 2007-09-01
EQ 360 Certification
Sponsoring Organization: MHS Organizational Effectiveness Group
Date Obtained: 2007-06-06
Project Management Professional (PMP®)
Sponsoring Organization: Project Management Institute
Date Obtained: 2005-08-15
Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Assessment
Sponsoring Organization: APT
Date Obtained: 2007-02-15

Contracts, Grants and Sponsored Research

Landaeta, R., Rabadi, G., Bowling, S. R., Daniels, C., Pazos-Lago, P. Maria . and Watson, G. S. "Deployment and Evaluation of a Customized Project Management Development Program for the US Army Core of Engineers-Norfolk District " $60,330. Federal. January 2010 - June 2010
Landaeta, R., Watson, G. S., Daniels, C., Parsons, V., Bowling, S. R., Pazos-Lago, P. Maria . and Rabadi, G. "Design of a Customized Project Management Development Program for the US Army Core of Engineers-Norfolk District (USACE-NAO) (Phase II). " $77,282. Federal. April 1, 2009 - May 1, 2010
Watson, G. S., Landaeta, R., Bowling, S. R., Pazos-Lago, P. Maria ., Daniels, C., Parsons, V. and Rabadi, G. "Deployment of a Customized Project Manager's Development Program for the US Army Corp. of Engineers - Norfolk District" $60,330. Local. -


Emotional Intelligence, Personality Type, Leadership Practices
Project Management, Agile Project Management, Capital Budgeting
Project Management
Agile Project Management, Project Management Professional (PMP) Preparation
Data Analysis,

Research Interests

The effects of personality type on project managment decision making. Emotional Intellgence in the Engineering context. Organizational performance.


Castelle, K. and Daniels, C. (2013). The Root Cause of Failure in Complex IT Projects: Complexity Itself. Procedia Computer Science 20 (Supplement C) , pp. 325 - 330.
Daniels, C. (2009). Improving Engineering Leadership. Engineering Management Journal.
Daniels, C. (2009). Improving Leadership in a Technical Environment: A Case Example of the ConITS Leadership Institute. Engineering Management Journal 21 (1) , pp. 47–52.


Daniels, C. B. (2012). 21st Century Motivation: the Power of Purpose. Lambert Academic Publishing.

Book Chapters

Proctor, S. and Daniels, C. B. (2020). Implementing Agile Project Management in the U.S. Department of Defense SPACE INFRASTRUCTURES: FROM RISK TO RESILIENCE GOVERNANCE (pp. 337-359) Amsterdam: IOS Press.

Conference Proceeding

Daniels, C. and Lamarsh, W. Complexity as a Cause of Failure in Information Technology Project Management 2007 IEEE International Conference on System of Systems Engineering (pp. 1-7).
White, J. D.. and Daniels, C. B.. Continuous Cybersecurity Management Through Blockchain Technology 2019 IEEE Technology & Engineering Management Conference (TEMSCON).
Bouazzaoui, S. and Daniels, C. B. (2018). Public policies and public decision making associated with the engineering field are set by individuals who does not possess expertise and knowledge to carry out these tasks. Most of decision makers are lawyers and social scientists, not engineers. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the various factors which either encourage or inhibit engineers from participating in public policy. In this study, a grounded theory approach will be followed, data will be collected using semi-structured interviews and analyzed using Nvivo software. Proceedings of the 2018 ASEE North Central Section Conference (pp. 9) American Society of Engineering Education.
Daniels, C. (1994). Journey to Excellence: The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award NIST.
Daniels, C. B. (1992). The Role of Metrics and Measurement in a Software Intensive Total Quality Management Environment (pp. 29) Greenbelt, Maryland: NASA. Goddard Space Flight Center, Proceedings of the Seventeenth Annual Software Engineering Workshop.


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Daniels, C. and Castelle, K. (March 15, 2018). Using Design Thinking and Agile for Delivering Value to Public Administration Lecture Annual Symposium of the Amierican Society of Public Adminstration Norfolk, Virginia.
Pazos-Lago, P. Maria ., Handley, H., Daniels, C., Bullington, K. and Hester, P. T. ( 2011). Teaching interactively using web-conferencing: The student perspective National Conference of the American Society for Engineering Management Lubbock, TX.
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  • 2010: Golden Key International Honour Society, Old Dominion University
  • 2010: Epsilon Mu Eta - Engineering Management Honor Society, Old Dominion University
  • 1990: Safe Flight Awareness Award (Silver Snoopy), NASA Johnson Space Center