Dir Comm Outreach & Engage

Bill Nuckols

NORFOLK, 23529

Selected Publications: Scholarly Articles:
Nuckols, W.L., Bullington, K.E., & Gregory, D. E. (2020). Was it worth it? The perception of value added by using student loans to finance a college degree: A qualitative study. Higher Education Politics and Economics.
Nuckols, W.L., & Gregory, D.E. (2022).
Bullington, K.E., Bills, K.L., Thomas, D.J., & Nuckols, W.L. (2022). Above-average student loan debt for students with disabilities attending postsecondary institutions. Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability, 35(1), 31-44.
Howell, J. L., Bullington, K. E., Gregory, D. E., Williams, M. R., & Nuckols, W. L. (2022). Transformational leadership scores of doctoral higher educational programs. Journal of Higher Education Policy and Leadership Studies, 3(1), 51-66. https://dx.doi.org/ 10.52547/johepal.3.1.51
Book Chapters:
Nuckols, W.L. (2013). For profit models of higher education: Current issues on the proprietary front. In DeVitis, J. L., (Ed.) (2013). Contemporary colleges and universities: A reader. Peter Lang Publishing, New York.
Nuckols, W.L., & Gregory, D.E. (2022). Affirmative action in higher education: The perspectives of Randall Kennedy in J. L. DeVitis (Ed.) The Future of Higher Education: How Today's Public Intellectuals Frame the Debate. Stylus Publishing.

Ph.D. in Higher Education, Old Dominion University, (2016)

J.D. in Law, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, (2000)