Senior Lecturer

Alicia Defonzo

NORFOLK, 23529

M.F.A. in Creative Writing, Old Dominion University, (2014)

M.A. in English, Old Dominion University, (2007)

B.A. in Mass Communications, University of South Florida, (2001)


Banned Books, Post-Apocalyptic Literature, Pop Culture Writing, Study Abroad: Food and Cultural Identity, Animal Rights and Welfare, Study Abroad: Harry Potter
Creative Writing
Nonfiction narrative


DeFonzo, A. "Twisting Facts to Suit Theories": In Defense of Sherlock . Urbinoir 2019.
Defonzo, A. (2018). "The Letters". 0-Dark-Thirty: The Review.
Defonzo, A. (2017). "France in June". War, Literature, and The Arts 29.
Defonzo, A. (2014). "Sunday". Extract(s) Anthology II.
Defonzo, A. (2014). "The Camps". The Montreal Review.


(May , 2018). “Retracing the Past through the Present” Keynote/Plenary Address Norfolk, VA.
(April , 2018). "Muggles Abroad" Other "With Good Reason" National.
(November , 2017). Veterans Day Edition Reading of Creative Work/Performance "Hearsay with Cathy Lewis" Norfolk, VA.
(October , 2015). "Fire is Catching: Censorship and The Hunger Games" Keynote/Plenary Address Banned Books Week Norfolk, VA.
(October , 2015). Banned Books Lecture Institute for Learning in Retirement .
(May , 2015). How to Save Animals and Stir Students Lecture Faculty Summer Service Learning Institute .
(September , 2014). Burn the Books: The Fight for Free Expression Keynote/Plenary Address Constitution and Citizenship Day .
Defonzo, A. (February 22, 2012). Banned Books: What you Weren’t Allowed to Read in Public School Last Lecture Series Norfolk, VA.
Defonzo, A. (September 27, 2011). Banned Books: Sex, Lies, and Wizards Honors College Lecture Norfolk, VA.
Defonzo, A. (June 17, 2011). Wild About Harry! Growing Up with the Boy Wizard Hearsay with Cathy Lewis .
  • 2017: Shining Star Award, Old Dominion University
  • 2016: Arts and Letters, Interdisciplinary Award nominee, Old Dominion University
  • 2016: Arts and Letters, Stern Award nominee, Old Dominion University
  • 2016: Shining Star Award, ODU
  • 2015: Shining Star Award, ODU
  • 2014: Most Inspiring Faculty, Arts and Letters, ODU
  • 2014: Most Inspiring Faculty, University, ODU
  • 2014: Gettysburg Review Conference Award in Nonfiction, Gettysburg Review
  • 2014: University Graduate Student Travel Award, Old Dominion University
  • 2011: Shining Star Award,
  • 2010: Shining Star Award,
  • 2009: Shining Star Award,