There’s no denying that artificial intelligence is reshaping higher education. But while there are pitfalls with AI, there is also great promise.

On Sept. 8, Old Dominion University President Brian O. Hemphill, Ph.D., will host a symposium called “Striking the Balance: AI Automation and Human Interaction in Teaching and Learning.” The event will take place from 10 a.m. to noon in the Big Blue Room at the Ted Constant Convocation Center. Guests may attend online or in person (register here).

“At Old Dominion University we are positioning ourselves at the forefront of educational advancements,” President Hemphill said. “This symposium on AI epitomizes that effort, and we invite the University community to attend a pivotal meeting of the minds.”

Four ODU scholars will address the effects of AI on teaching, learning, research and interdisciplinary collaboration:

  • Helen Crompton, executive director of the Research Institute for Digital Innovation in Learning, Division of Digital Learning; professor of instructional technology; and director of the Virtual Reality Lab
  • Khan Iftekharuddin, professor, Batten College of Engineering and Technology, and director of the Vision Lab
  • Chrysoula Malogianni, associate vice president for digital innovation, Division of Digital Learning
  • Jian Wu, assistant professor, Department of Computer Science

These experts will explain how AI-powered adaptive learning platforms, language models and data analytics are fostering personalized, self-directed learning experiences, with equitable access for all students.

Just as important, the symposium will delve into ethical considerations surrounding AI implementation, preparing faculty, students and administrators to navigate this evolving landscape. Participants will gain insights on leveraging AI to enhance educational and administrative efficiency and innovation, support student success and well-being, and elevate institutional advancement. 

This symposium launches a series of ODU events focused on AI innovation and integration in education. In weeks to come, the Division of Digital Learning, through the Research Institute for Digital Innovation in Learning, will offer training, workshops and guest speaker sessions.