By Tiffany Whitfield

Old Dominion University physics professor Jean Delayen has been recognized for his innovative contributions to the field of accelerator science, both as a physicist and educator.

Delayen is one of two winners of the 2022 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society (NPSS) Particle Accelerator Science and Technology (PAST) Award. As the founding director of ODU's Center for Accelerator Science (CAS), Delayen has created applied research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students in particle accelerator design.

"Jean's leadership was critical to the development of the Center for Accelerator Science at ODU in partnership with Jefferson Lab," said Gail Dodge, dean of College of Sciences. "He has always championed accelerator science education and has built CAS into a leading institute for education and research."

Delayen is receiving the PAST award because of his outstanding contributions to the development of particle accelerator science, technology and education. As a senior staff scientist at Jefferson Lab in the Center for Advanced Studies of Accelerators (CASA), as well as director of CAS at ODU, Delayen's research is crucial to Jefferson Lab and other accelerators around the world, such as CERN and the planned EIC at Brookhaven National Lab.

"I cannot think of a more deserving recipient of this award than Jean Delayen," said Charles Sukenik, professor and chair of Physics department. "Jean is one of the pre-eminent accelerator scientists in the world and he is internationally recognized for his seminal work on superconducting cavities for particle accelerators. His expansive research continues to be at the forefront of accelerator science today as he assiduously educates students in this expanding discipline."

The award citation reads: "For his extensive and pioneering contributions to the science and technology of superconducting rf accelerators, particularly crab cavities, and for his leadership in developing the Center for Accelerator Science at Old Dominion University for educating a new generation of accelerator scientists."

"We congratulate you on your award as well as all of your continued selfless efforts to our immediate accelerator community and the greater user community," said Sandra G. Biedron, Ph.D., chair of IEEE awards selection committee.

Delayen shares the award 2022 PAST award with Alexander Romanenko of Fermilab for outstanding contributions to science and technology of radio frequency superconductivity for particle accelerators.

The 2022 PAST Awards will be presented at the 2022 North American Particle Accelerator Conference (NAPAC'22), which will be held Aug. 6-12, 2022, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The PAST Award is sponsored by the Particle Accelerator Science and Technology Technical Committee of the IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society. Details on the award and the previous recipients can be found here.

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