Mobility Pass


Mobility Pass is a unique transfer partnership program for select freshman applicants to Old Dominion University. These applicants, who may not be ready to begin at ODU as freshmen, are encouraged to enroll in classes at one of the following partnering community colleges.

Students must successfully complete a minimum of 16 transferable college credits and earn a 2.5 or higher GPA at the community college. It is possible to complete your required credits in one semester to be guaranteed admission for the next term. Transfer student information.


What are the advantages of Mobility Pass?
  • Support services and resources means a seamless transition to ODU
  • Dual academic advising ensures credits will transfer in your major
  • Small classes and personalized attention at your community college offers a strong start
  • Potential to receive two degrees (Reverse Transfer): Credits that transfer to ODU, along with credits you take at ODU while earning a bachelor's degree, may count toward an associate's degree from your community college
  • Connect early to attend select ODU athletic and cultural events

Can anyone join Mobility Pass?

Students are invited to join the Mobility Pass program as part of the freshman application process to Old Dominion University. Eligible students will be notified by ODU if they have been selected, and details about the Mobility Pass and how to opt-in will be provided.

Next Steps for Eligible Students

Students who have been invited to join Mobility Pass receive a letter informing them of their eligibility, the recommended partner institution, and a link to the opt-in form. Next steps include:

  • Submit opt-in form to join the Mobility Pass program
  • Submit an application to the partner institution
  • Complete 16 transferable credit hours at the community college earning a 2.5 GPA or better
  • Submit transfer application to Old Dominion University

Questions? Email the Office of Admissions at