About this Program

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) focuses on developing the necessary skills to perform and evaluate rigorous research. Graduates are prepared for careers in teaching and research at academic institutions as well as in other public and private organizations characterized by innovation and technological leadership. The program blends highly theoretical with more applied or pragmatic research. The fields of research supported by the program are defined by the diverse specializations of the department faculty. Students in the Ph.D. program work closely with faculty to develop world-class expertise in their chosen fields of research. Advising faculty expect doctoral students to become collaborators, supporting the faculty's research agenda, and contributing towards their research goals.

Program Highlights

  • The complete program is available through Old Dominion University’s distance learning program

  • Courses are scheduled in the evenings

  • Nine-time recipient of American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM) Excellence Award

  • Collaborative environment built on the unique relationship between the faculty advisor and the doctoral student

  • Students are placed with an advisor with expertise in the student’s research area

  • A high degree of flexibility is provided to customize the plan of study, taking into account the diversity in the fields of study, the multidisciplinary nature and variety of research that is undertaken

Degree Level
Degree Earned
Doctor of Philosophy
Engineering Management and Systems Engineering
Delivery Modes


Check out these ideas from ODU Career Development Services and the Occupational Information Network (O*NET). A median salary is a midpoint of what people typically earn—half of those surveyed earned above the median salary, and half earned below.

Engineering Teachers, Postsecondary

$109,830 Median Salary

Teach courses pertaining to the application of physical laws and principles of engineering for the development of machines, materials, instruments, processes, and services. Includes teachers of subjects such as chemical, civil, electrical, industrial, mechanical, mineral, and petroleum engineering. Includes both teachers primarily engaged in teaching and those who do a combination of teaching and research.

Alumni Careers

Mississippi State University


What are the requirements to apply for Engineering Management & Systems Engineering at ODU?
Students entering the Doctor of Philosophy program in Engineering Management & Systems Engineering should meet the minimum university admission requirements Graduate Admission.

Admission to the Ph.D. program is competitive. The admission process is designed to select applicants that have a strong alignment between their own research interests and an area of specialization of one of the faculty. The best-qualified applicant or applicants for an area of specialization are then selected. The number of students admitted into any faculty's area of specialization is dependent on the faculty's projected ability to advise additional doctoral students. The selection is based on the applicants' academic history, maturity in the development of research capabilities, and proficiency in specialized skills demanded by the research area. In addition to general University admission requirements, which include English language proficiency for international students, applicants must have:

  • A master's degree or equivalent with a grade point average of 3.50 in an appropriate field from an accredited institution of higher education

  • An undergraduate degree with a GPA of 3.0 or higher from an ABET-accredited program in engineering or engineering technology, or from an accredited program in applied science


Estimated rates for the 2023-24 academic year. Rates are subject to change. Anyone that is not a current Virginia resident will be charged non-resident rates. That includes international students.

Virginia Resident
Cost Per-Credit $599
Technology Delivered Courses Outside Virginia and/or the United States
Cost Per-Credit $623
Cost Per-Credit $1,439

Ways to Save

Here are a few ways for you to save on the cost of attending ODU. For more information visit University Student Financial aid

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to graduate students at Old Dominion University. Financial aid may be available in the form of University fellowships, tuition grants, and research assistantships. In addition to the financial aid offered by the University, graduate students may be eligible for aid and student loans administered by other agencies. For information about part-time employment, scholarships, and student loans, contact the Office of Student Financial Aid.