Faculty Demographics

Diversity and inclusion are essential to Old Dominion University's strength as an institution of higher learning. We strive to create a climate of innovation, creativity and collaboration across disciplines and cross culturally. 

  • Of 851 Faculty members: 463 are male, and 388 are female.
  • 168 out of 419 tenured faculty are a member of an ethnic minority
  • Women serve as the dean for three out of the eight academic colleges
  • Over ten years beginning in the 1996-1996 school year, the number male and female members of ethnic minorities has increased, especially for women overall. The most dramatic increases were in the 2002-2003 school year. 
  • 36.37% of all faculty who are non-white including
    • 13.63% Other
    • 12.69% Asian or Pacific Islander
    • 5.76% Black/African American
    • 4.00% Hispanic
    • 0.35% American Indian