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Real Estate Foundation

Acquiring, building & managing real estate on behalf of ODU

Established in 1995, the Old Dominion University Real Estate Foundation has been developing much of the area in Monarch Way, a 75-acre mixed use development that includes retail, student apartments, and office buildings.

In addition, the Foundation acquires, builds and manages real estate on behalf of the University. The results of its work are visible to all in the form of the University Village Apartments, restaurants, shops, the Innovation Research Park, The President's House, Marriott SpringHill Suites Hotel, the University Village Bookstore, Baron & Ellin Gordon Art Galleries, and the Barry Art Museum.

Board of Trustees



Lisa F. Chandler '76

Vice Chair

Teresa C. Peters


Joseph A. Lowery '05

Executive Director

Tara F. Saunders '85, '92

Assistant Treasurer

Margaret Libby '17

Assistant Secretary

Manuela Monteilh


  • Jared Chalk
  • George Consolvo '67
  • Miles B. Leon
  • Kenneth E. Rodman, Jr. '88
  • Karen E. Shaffer '97
  • Deborah K. Stearns '80
  • Nathaniel P. Tyler
  • Chas M. Wright '03


  • President Brian O. Hemphill, Ph.D.
  • Robert Broermann '80, '83

Directors Emeriti

  • Robert L. Dewey
  • Robert M. Stanton '61