Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff:

Last week, the ODUOnline Task Force shared its work with the campus community. Following the Task Force's 90-day assignment, which included a detailed analysis and in-depth review, our campus was provided the opportunity to share feedback regarding the group's thoughtful work in this important area and the University's online delivery of academic content. Based on that feedback, I am pleased to announce that the University will be working diligently to operationalize the recommendations made by the Task Force, as outlined in the group's final report available at

To continue building upon our historic and impactful role in online education throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia and beyond, two groups are being formed. The first will be the ODU Global Working Group, which will focus on ensuring a seamless transition, especially as it relates to spending and strategy. Members of the working group, including Helen Crompton, Ph.D.; Nina Gonser, Scott Harrison, Ph.D.; Brian Payne, Ph.D.; and Avi Santo, Ph.D., will begin working collectively and individually with ODUOnline staff, as well as those across campus, especially our world-class faculty who are involved with online education. The second will be the Vice President for ODU Global Search Committee, which will be led by Vice President for Research Morris Foster, Ph.D., with professional services from WittKieffer, a global search firm with significant expertise in this area. Additional Search Committee members include Helen Crompton, Ph.D.; Kevin DePew, Ph.D.; Robert Doherty; Nina Gonser; Scott Harrison, Ph.D.; Regenia Hill, Ph.D.; Nathan Luetke; Ron Moses, Ph.D.; George Noell, Ph.D.; Bryan Porter, Ph.D.; Mark Rehfuss, Ph.D.; Harold Riethman, Ph.D.; Bruce Rubin, Ph.D.; Avi Santo, Ph.D.; and Dwayne Smith. The search will occur during the spring.

I want to take this opportunity to applaud members of the ODUOnline Task Force for their significant efforts. They proudly answered the call to serve this campus by going above and beyond. Many of them are continuing that work with membership on one or both of the aforementioned groups. Additionally, please join me in expressing lasting gratitude to Drs. Helen Crompton and Morris Foster for providing strong leadership to this group. As a result of the Task Force's work, we have a wonderful opportunity to build upon our historic success, while responding to the changing needs of students and the continued advancements in technology!

With Monarch Pride,

Brian O. Hemphill, Ph.D.