Dear Faculty and Staff:

Old Dominion University (ODU) and Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) have a long history of working together collaboratively on many academic, outreach, and research initiatives. This critical partnership has significantly grown in recent years with a strong commitment to addressing the significant health disparities facing our region and its people. Together, we can do more, and we will do more!

In recent months, cross-functional teams, including both ODU and EVMS officials, have been working to develop strategies around the areas of (1) Research; (2) Education and Training; and (3) Patient Care, as well as additional work in communications and finance. Through this important work, several visionary goals were identified: (1) becoming a nationally-recognized leader and "hub of excellence" for diagnostic validation, clinical translation, and community-engaged population health research; (2) becoming a prestigious health sciences university with comprehensive offerings to attract and retain a diverse pool of students and faculty and help address the regional workforce needs; and (3) increasing access to patient care and reducing disparities through integrated care models. These are all vital areas in which we can and will excel together!

As this initial work was recently completed, a total of nine functional teams are now being formed to further explore the areas of (1) Accreditation and Faculty Affairs; (2) Clinical Affairs and Medical Group; (3) Communications and Branding; (4) Development and Philanthropy; (5) Enrollment Management and Student Affairs; (6) Finance, Information Technology, Facilities; and Auxiliary; (7) Government Relations and Legal; (8) Human Resources; and (9) Research Administration. The goal is to develop a comprehensive plan to integrate ODU and EVMS in 2023.

To date, a formal agreement has not been reached as this merger is contingent upon the work of the functional teams, as well as securing additional resources to support this expanded effort. In the near future, a joint website will be launched at to share information about our continued work with EVMS and other partners. The website will continue to be updated in the coming months. Also, campus updates will be shared on a regular basis.

Although much work remains ahead, the vision is clear. ODU and EVMS face an important moment with the promising potential to achieve more through a full integration, which is both impactful and inspiring. The proposed integration, grounded in our close connections with the diverse communities in which we proudly serve, will result in transforming the health and economy of Hampton Roads and beyond, through sustained excellence and innovation in education, research, and patient care by working collaboratively with our strategic partners.

With a strong history and proven success in health sciences, ODU is prepared to make a significant impact on our campus, in our community, and across the Commonwealth in order to effect change for those facing significant health disparities. This important work is not possible without the experience and expertise of EVMS. It will truly take all of us working together to make this integration a reality!

With Monarch Pride,

Brian O. Hemphill, Ph.D.