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The Journal of Race and Policy

The Journal of Race and Policy (JRP)was conceived at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia in 2004. It was initiated with a small seed grant from the university's Division of Academic Affairs. The mission of the journal is to provide an interdisciplinary forum for the presentation of research on public policy issues and initiatives in areas such as education, employment, health care, political participation, social welfare, and social justice. As an independent, peer reviewed, scholarly publication, the journal seeks to promote intellectual debate, rigorous investigation, and the development of new ideas on race, ethnicity, diversity, and public policy in American society and the global arena. The JRP speaks to the contemporary problems and complexities that beset the United States and the world in light of quickened and more profound patterns of technological and economic development - patterns frequently coupled with population expansion marked by racial, ethnic, and cultural diversification. Within this context, the pursuit of the goals of social equity and justice are regarded as paramount for long-term domestic and global stability. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the United States Supreme Court's Brown v. Board of Education ruling, in April 2005, the journal published its inaugural issue entitled Evolving Considerations of Race: African Americans in the Post-Brown Era. Donathan L. Brown of Ithaca College serves as managing editor of the journal.

Editorial Staff

Michael L. Clemons, Old Dominion University, Founding Editor

Donathan L. Brown, Ithaca College, Managing Editor

William H.L. Dorsey, Atlanta Metropolitan State College, Associate Editor

Armado Rodriguez, Syracuse University, Book Review Editor

Editorial Review Board

Adolphus G. Belk Jr.

Winthrop College

Richardean Benjamin

Old Dominion University

Beverly A. Bunch-Lyons

Virginia Polytechnic and State University

Micheal A. Boatwright

South Carolina State University

Sharon D. Brown-Clemons

Norfolk Public Schools

Alan Colon

Independent Scholar

Samuel Coppage

Old Dominion University

Marvin P. Dawkins

University of Miami

Robeson Taj Frazier

University of Southern California

Judson L. Jeffries

Ohio State University

Sekou Franklin

Middle Tennessee State University

Helen Taylor Greene

Texas Southern University

Ollie A. Johnson

Wayne State University

Kimberly James

The Headwaters Group, St, Paul, MN

Charles E. Jones

University of Cincinnati

William G. Jones, III

U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development

Terry Kershaw

University of Cincinnati

Jonathan Leib

Old Dominion University

Kidane Mengistaub

Pennsylvania State University

Berhanu Mengistu

Old Dominion State University

Tracy Middleton

Benedict College

Vanessa Sheppard

Georgetown University

Wendy Smooth

Ohio State University

D'Andre Orey

Jackson State University

Adolph Reed, Jr.

University of Pennsylvania

Mitchell Rice

Texas A and M University

Gail Singleton Taylor

Old Dominion University

Susie Jans-Thomas

University of West Florida

Alex Willingham

Williams College

Rudolph Wilson

Norfolk State University

Naomi Zack

University of Oregon