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Consortium forResearch on Race, Diversity & Policy

The Consortium for Research on Race and Policy (CRRP) was established July 2012. It is an inter-institutional, collaborative association of colleges and universities dedicated to the study of race, ethnicity and cultural diversity in American society. Old Dominion University, Ithaca College, and University of Cincinnati comprise the charter members of the Consortium. The CRRP collaborates with professional researchers and graduate and undergraduate students at a variety of academic institutions and, as well as with professional and academic organizations interested in research addressing salient contemporary issues dealing with race and multiculturalism in the United States and abroad.


The mission of the Consortium is to identify, develop, conduct, publish, and disseminate scholarly and applied research focusing on the intersection between public policy and race, ethnicity, and cultural diversity. In doing so, the CRRP endeavors to promote interdisciplinary, policy-oriented research aimed at bringing about racial and cultural justice and a more equitable society.

Core Priority Areas

The current focus of CRRPs work is fourfold:

  1. Ensure the long-term stability and excellence of The Journal of Race and Policy.
  2. Develop, execute, and promote a research agenda that addresses current problems and issues associated with race, diversity, and policy in American society.
  3. Develop and promote interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary collaborative research by faculty, as well as research opportunities for undergraduates and graduate students.
  4. Establish collaborative relationships with publishing organizations, professional academic associations, and other groups to facilitate the study and dissemination of information dealing with issues of race, diversity, and multiculturalism.

The Journal of Race and Policy

The Journal of Race & Policy

Editorial Guidelines

Black Notebook

National Advisory Board

Signing a document


The Consortium graciously acknowledges and extends its deep appreciation to Old Dominion University and the University of Virginia for their ongoing support of The Journal of Race and Policy. We would also like to recognize and thank Ithaca College and the University of Cincinnati for boldly joining Old Dominion University in supporting the mission of the Consortium.


Ithaca College
University of Cincinnati