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University Logos & Trademarks

Students show their Monarch spirit

Manufacturers of commercial products bearing any ODU marks, including the athletic logos, must have a license before offering these goods for sale. No product will be licensed without the approval of ODU's Licensing Department.

When you purchase Old Dominion University merchandise, make certain the merchandise contains the "Officially Licensed Collegiate Products" tag displayed at the right. This tag indicates you are buying product approved by the University, any items not bearing the tag may be a trademark infringement.

Royalties received from the sale of merchandise bearing the trademarks or service marks provide academic and athletic scholarships.

Trademarks and logos include the University Seal, the identifier, Old Dominion University, ODU, Monarchs and Lady Monarchs. These marks have been developed to symbolize the University's purpose, values and traditions.

ODU logos are trademarked and may not be altered in any way.

Logo Usage Standards

Logo: Three-color, full, signature

All uses of the University's logos and institutional signatures must comply with the usage standards set by University Marketing & Communications.

Merchandise & Giveaways

Big Blue with an ODU Fan

All groups, departments, individuals and companies are required to obtain approval from the Licensing Department or Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) before producing any products that use the institution's registered name(s), trademarks and/or service marks.

Licensed Vendors

Students show their spirit during Homecoming

Merchandise produced from a licensed vendor will bear an official label. See what and where to get your hands on official ODU gear and accessories!