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Academic and Administration Support: Technology, Facilities, Resources

Focus: What do we well and what should we improve upon?

Instructional and research support
Administrative support: to academic departments; admission, registration, financial aid, finance, and other
Technology and communications infrastructure
Facilities master plan/process and space utilization
Traditional resource bases and alternative funding initiatives

Committee Members

CHAIR Bruce Rubin BPA - Finance Department
Osman Akan College of Engineering & Technology
Greg Cutter Science - Ocean, Earth, Atmosp. Science
Dale Feltes Design/Construction
Rick Fisher Finance Office
Ken Fitzgerald Arts & Letters - Art
Morel Fry Library/Tech
Ed Gomez Education ECI
Paula Jamison Classroom Central
David Kozoyed Computer Center
Lucien Lombardo Arts & Letters Sociology
Judy Luedtke University College
Bob Norman Peninsula Higher Education Center
Mary Notarianni Health Sciences - Nursing
September Sanderlin Human Resources
TASK FORCE REP- Andy Casiello Academic Tech Services

Principal Themes and Overall Considerations

  • Bolstering Old Dominion University's position as a Major Metropolitan University in the Southeast United States
  • Developing and Expanding Strategic Partnerships with wide range of educational, governmental, corporate institutions
  • Enriching a Student-Centered Culture on Campus

  • Identification of institutional strengths and challenges pertinent to Committee ScopeIdentification of external opportunities and threats pertinent to the Committee Scope
  • Areas of Distinctiveness in Academic Programs and Research; Pillars of Excellence; Expertise
  • Areas.Ideal size and composition of student body and faculty
  • Perspectives of stakeholders, beneficiaries and constituencies
  • University's regional, national, and international position
  • Leveraging geographic advantage
  • Balancing Quality and Access
  • Instructional Delivery: face-to-face vs. technology-delivered/on- vs. off-campus/role of regional centers
  • Service to military and veterans
  • Consideration of substantial resource limitations during the planning window; presumption of reallocation of resources
  • Keep recommendations at a strategic level, all the while considering relevant operational and tactical issues.
  • Propose directions which have reasonable potential for sustainability
  • Planning documents and recommendations arising from the Strategic Enrollment Management Process
  • Draft Plans of the Academic Colleges
  • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats, Opportunities) Analysis Conducted for the Board of Visitors
  • Faculty Senate General Education Recommendations
  • Council of Graduate Schools Analysis of Graduate Studies and Programs
  • Distance Learning Analysis of Niche and Organization
  • Enrollment, Degree, and Resource Trends by Department and Program
  • Higher Education Restructuring Act and Institutional Performance Measures
  • Other information as requested