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June 12, 2014

Mark and Tammy Strome at there home in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, California.

ODU's Board of Visitors Formally Approves Name Change for Strome College of Business

Old Dominion University's Board of Visitors has formally approved the change of name of its business school to the Strome College of Business.

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ODU Board of Visitors Adopts Modest Tuition and Fee Increases for 2014-15

At its June 12 meeting, the Old Dominion University Board of Visitors approved a modest increase in tuition and fees that is significantly less than the average approved by Virginia's other doctoral institutions.

Gil Yochum

Yochum Among Several With ODU Connections to Receive Statewide Appointments From McAuliffe

Gil Yochum, outgoing dean of Old Dominion University's College of Business and Public Administration, has been appointed by Gov. Terry McAuliffe to the Virginia Finance Secretariat's Joint Advisory Board of Economists.

Oktay Baysal

Three Appointed to ODU Engineering Advisory Board

Dean Oktay Baysal of Old Dominion University's Frank Batten College of Engineering and Technology, has made three appointments to the College's Advisory Board.

Steve Lanivich

Instructor Urges Students in Introduction to Entrepreneurship Class to Invest in the 'Business of You'

The common image of a student entrepreneur is one of a future business tycoon, attending school to get the skills and make the contacts he or she needs to start businesses and become multimillionaires.


Enactus Chapter at ODU Seeks to Create Entrepreneurial Social Capital

In the formal boardroom of the dean's office at Old Dominion University's College of Business and Public Administration, construction paper, tape and markers are fanned out across the ornate wood table.



Ultimate Build-a-Boat

On June 7-8, ODU's Batten College of Engineering and Technology sponsored a contest, which was held during the recent Harborfest event in Norfolk, where participating teams were tasked with constructing a boat and floating it in the Elizabeth River. In all, 20 teams participated in the "Ultimate Build-a-Boat" contest, including three teams of Old Dominion University students.

Photos by Stacy Nixon

A Picture is Worth...

thepicturePhoto: Chuck Thomas

ODU's innovative teacher prep program Monarch Teach has gained notoriety for allowing math, science and technology majors to gain teacher licensure while earning a degree in their respective content areas. But who knew it could be so much fun? Praiwan Pitaksalee (left), director of Thailand's Bureau of Academic Affairs and Educational Standards, who was visiting ODU recently with a group from Thailand, is pictured laughing during a marshmallow challenge where participants tried to build the tallest freestanding tower possible with a marshmallow on top using only given supplies. Participants had ten minutes to complete the task that is intended to develop communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking skills in the classroom.


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