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Services/Account Requests

Access to some ODU administrative technology resources can be requested online and more will be coming soon.

Can be Requested Online: Coming Soon:
  • Banner User
  • Banner Finance
  • Travel & Expense
  • BDMS
  • Database Accounts
  • Shared eMail
  • Shared folders/groups
  • Web Time Entry
  • Web Page Administration

Request Accounts for Yourself:

Note: This option is not available for all MIDAS users. Some users will need their supervisor to request accounts for them.

  1. Log into https://midas.odu.edu
  2. Select 'Account Request' under 'My Account' on the menu.
  3. Select 'Yourself.' Update your budget code, if necessary. Click 'Next.'
  4. Select your job function and any additional accounts that are needed. Click 'Next.'
  5. Provide justification as to why accounts are needed and click 'Next.'
  6. Review services in Account Request Summary. Make changes, if needed. Click 'Finish.'
  7. Your request will be processed and submitted.

Requesting Accounts for Someone Else:

  1. Log into https://midas.odu.edu.
  2. Select 'Account Request.'
  3. Select 'Someone Else' and search for user with their University ID number. Update budget code, if necessary and click 'Next.'
  4. Enter in contact information for user that will need accounts. Click 'Next.'
  5. Select user job function and any additional accounts that are needed.
  6. Enter justification for why user needs accounts.
  7. Review Account Request Summary and make any necessary changes. Click 'Finish.'
  8. The Account Request will be processed and submitted.

MIDAS Account Request Guide