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Carpool Program

The Faculty/Staff Carpool program is designed to be a more affordable option for parking at ODU and reduce the amount of vehicles on campus. In order to participate in the program the following criteria must be met:

  • Two or more full time faculty/staff employees who choose to ride together full time and share one permit may register to be in a carpool.
  • Carpools must register together. Each person in the carpool must complete a Commuter Alternatives Program From and present a valid Faculty/Staff ID.
  • Each registrant must provide proof of separate vehicle ownership.
  • Each carpool participant must have an on-campus (Norfolk) office address.
  • Registration for the carpool program must be done at 4310 Elkhorn Ave (Garage Alpha)

If approved for a Faculty/Staff Carpool Permit, participants will receive the following:

  • One Faculty/Staff Carpool Permit at the same rate as a Group II permit
  • Parking and Transportation Services will locate a F/S Carpool space in the parking lot selected based on the carpools preference and feasibility.
    • The F/S Carpool Permit may also be used to park in the regular F/S spaces if all the carpool spaces are taken.
    • Spaces are not guaranteed to open as other carpool permit holders may use these spaces if they wish.
    • Only F/S Carpool Permits are authorized to park in Carpool spaces
    • Carpool spaces are reserved for carpools from 7:00am - 2:00pm
    • A minimum of 1 space per lot can be assigned up to a maximum of 10% of the a lot
  • Twelve free daily rate permits per carpool participant per year.
  • Carpool daily passes are not allowed to park in Carpool spaces but may be used to park in the regular F/S spaces.
    • An optional 6 more may be purchased at 1/2 cost.
  • Emergency (Guaranteed) Ride Home service is available through HRT's Traffix Program. For more information on this program visit: www.traffixonline.org

Carpool participants are not eligible for any other parking permit, but may purchase daily rate permits or park at meter locations.

Ride-share matching is available through Nuride. More information on Nuride can be found here.