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General Education Assessment Committee (GEAC)

What is "GEAC"?

The General Education Assessment Committee (GEAC) is charged with assessing the 2010 revised Goals of General Education. General Education (GE) Assessment is scheduled on a four year cycle so each GE competency is assessed every 4 years -- this will ensure that each of the 6 SCHEV competencies are reported every 4 years.

The GEAC Committee is co-chaired by Dr. Worth Pickering, Assistant Vice President for Assessment, and Dr. Charles Wilson, Dean of The College of Arts and Letters.

Defining and Measuring the SCHEV Competencies

All 6 competencies are part of our general education (GE) curriculum and so our direction was to embed the assessments in GE courses.


  • WRITING- ODU has a Writing Sample Placement Test (WSPT) and Exit Exam of Writing Proficiency (EEWP) required of all entering and graduating students, respectively. Both have been in place for more than 20 years. We used the EEWP to measure writing.
  • INFORMATION LITERACY - Developed common midterm and final exams that are given in 3 courses that meet the GE requirement for Computer Skills
  • SCIENTIFIC REASONING - Developed exams in the lab sections of all science courses that meet the GE requirement for Natural Science and Technology
  • QUANTITATIVE REASONING - Developed exams in each of the courses that meet the GE requirement in Mathematics
  • CRITICAL THINKING - Will reread a sample of EEWP using a new rubric
  • ORAL COMMUNICATION - Developed a rubric based on National Communication Association guidelines that is used in all public speaking courses that meet the GE requirement for Oral Communication


Each competency was defined by a committee of faculty and assessment staff based on professional criteria in the disciplinary area(s), requirements of the GE curriculum, and ability to embed the measure in the GE curriculum.


More than 70% were determined to be competent (ranged from 72% to 94%). We completed additional analyses of the data and discussed those results with faculty. We were able to engage some faculty in conversations about improving student learning and teaching. All measures need work and additional funding to continue to improve.

For more information, contact Dr. Worth Pickering (jpickeri@odu.edu), or call 757-683-3158.