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Payment Plan


Old Dominion University offers a payment plan for Fall and Spring terms ONLY. Payment plans are not available for Summer sessions. Payment plans are administered by the Office of Finance. Charges for each semester will be divided into 4 payments. Payments for Fall semester are in August, September, October, and November; payments for Spring semester are in January, February, March and April. Please refer to your ODU e-bill for the actual payment amounts and due dates. Payments not received by the due date are considered late.


  • Payment plans must be established each term NO LATER THAN TUITION DEADLINE.
  • A payment plan must be established for a fixed payment amount. Adding or dropping classes that warrant a credit will reduce the next due payment amount, but will not change the regular payment amount.
  • A payment plan can be established at any point UP TO TUITION DEADLINE. The total charges are divided into 4 payments and all payments due at the point the plan is established must be paid with the processing fee. (For example, if you establish the plan in August, you pay one payment and the $40 fee. There would be three remaining payments--due September, October, and November.)
  • Payment plans can be established for current semester charges only. If past due debts are owed, they must be paid prior to establishing the payment plan.
  • A payment plan cannot be canceled. Charges for classes withdrawn after the refund period will still be valid debts.
  • Reminder e-bills may be sent to your ODU.EDU e-mail address. Failure to activate or maintain your official e-mail account will not be a valid reason for failure to pay by the due date.
  • Failure to make payment in full will result in a financial hold being placed on your student account, which will prevent you from registering for the next semester.
  • If you do miss a payment, you will not be allowed to register or obtain other types of student services (i.e., transcripts) until your account is current. If any payment is 30 days past due the entire payment plan balance will be accelerated.
  • A 5% late penalty will be assessed on the entire balance if a payment is 30 days past due.
  • At 120 days past due, your account will be considered seriously delinquent and will be forwarded to our collection agency.
  • Payment plan forms are not accepted after the tuition deadline.