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Forms, Policies & Procedures

Faculty Reseach

Intramural Programs

For further information on the office of Research's Intramural Funding programs, contact Karen Eck, Director of Research Development at keck@odu.edu or Lisa Alloway, Research Development and Outreach Coordinator, at lkelch@odu.edu.

* FP3_announcement.pdf
Faculty Proposal Preparation Program (FP3) RFP
* SRFP-announcement.pdf
Summer Research Fellowship Program (SRFP) RFP
* SEECR-RFP-announcement.pdf
Summer Experience Enhancing Collaborative Research (SEECR) RFP
* MSF-RFP-announcement.pdf
Multidisciplinary Seed Funding Program (MSF) RFP
* SRFP-SEECR Proposal Admin Form.doc
SRFP and SEECR Proposal Administrative Form


Research Compliance

Animal Subjects

New IACUC Protocols require submission of (1) an IACUC Protocol Review Form, (2) Attachment(s) as appropriate for the type of research being conducted, and (3) an IACUC Qualifications for Working with Animals Form for each person who will be handling animals as part of the protocol.

Submission Deadlines can be found here. Please submit application materials electronically to kwheeler@odu.edu. For further information contact Kersten Wheeler, Research Compliance Coordinator, at (757) 683-5451 or kwheeler@odu.edu.

* IACUC Protocol Application Form with Attachments - Protocol form animal compliance

* IACUC Field Protocol Application-June 2014 - Required information for research using animals


Controlled Substances

Hazardous Materials, Chemicals, Carcinogens & Toxins

Human Subjects

Laser Safety

Misconduct/Responsible Conduct

ODU Student Research Volunteer Agreement

Radiation Safety

Recombinant-DNA, Biohazards & Bloodborne Pathogens

Intellectual Property

For further information contact Reis Alsberry, Licensing Associate, at (757) 683-3460.

Conflicts of Interest

ODU Procedures for Compliance with the Virginia State and Local Government Conflict of Interests Act

Secretary of the Commonwealth's Conflict of Interest's webpage

Virginia's Statement of Economic Interest Disclosure Forms

Invention Disclosure

Licensing Agreements

Nondisclosure Agreements

Please note that EACH agreement comes with an instruction sheet that MUST be followed. There are a few individuals with signatory authority on behalf of Old Dominion University and the Old Dominion University Research Foundation.


Volunteer or Visiting Scholar Agreement