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Research Initiatives

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Our College is most proud of our research initiatives, which serve as pace-setters among our peer institutions. ODU Engineering sets high standards for itself, within these inititatives, with hopes of not only meeting these standards but exceeding them. Proof of this success is around every turn.

For the seventh year in a row, the College as a whole in addition to some of our engineering programs, including Civil Engineering (#70), Electrical Engineering (#29), and Mechanical Engineering (#29), have been ranked among the nation's top 100 by the National Science Foundation.

Our innovative faculty consistently discovers new and exciting ways to solve real world problems in a wide range of fields: from micro systems to battling cancer, from transportation to homeland security, from renewable energy to marine engineering, from plasmas to nanomaterials. The College consistently contributes a lion's share of the research and development within the University through our research centers, laboratories, institutes and clusters.

The Frank Batten College of Engineering and Technology is a catalyst for the economic development of Hampton Roads. To this end, the college has established a number of centers to serve as engines for enterprise development.

Center for Advanced Engineering Environments