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COVID-19 Positive, Symptoms, & Exposures

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I have COVID-19, what next?

Guidance for ODU Students Who Test Positive for COVID-19

Students should discuss a plan with their family members, roommates, and housemates in the event of a positive COVID-19 test. The following guide can assist them in planning. Their plan may include returning home or quarantining and isolating in place.

Faculty, staff and students who test positive for COVID-19 off-campus must report their results. There are two ways to report:

  1. Complete the "COVID-19 Exposure Self-Report form" online (Refer to the link in the box to the right)
  2. Through the "Daily COVID Check-In" in the "Monarch Wellness Portal" (View instructions to upload your test results here).

Guidance for ODU Faculty and Staff Who Test Positive for COVID-19

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that people who test positive for COVID-19 isolate immediately and wear a face covering when around others (including members of their household) to prevent disease spread. People in isolation should stay home, separate themselves from others, monitor their health, and follow directions from their state or local health department. They should remain in isolation (unless it is for medical purposes) and arrange for food to be delivered to them.

Please note, faculty, staff, and students who test on-campus do not need to report or upload their results. Please visit our "COVID-19 Policies" for additional guidance on response protocols.

Knowing When to Isolate is Your Responsibility

Please visit the CDC website for the latest updates and recommended isolation and quarantine periods for vaccinated and non-vaccinated people who test positive for COVID-19. The CDC website also includes helpful Isolation & Quarantine Calculators.

Notification to the University and Your Close Contacts is Your responsibility

Now that positive COVID-19 cases have decreased in Virginia, the Virginia Department of Health and ODU have changed their contact tracing protocols and are conducting contact tracing only in congregate settings (in the case of ODU, this means only for people who live in our residence halls). If you test positive, please follow these notification protocols:

  1. Complete the ODU Notification form
  2. Notify your contacts. Here is guidance on who to contact: https://www.vdh.virginia.gov/content/uploads/sites/182/2020/04/VDH_Slow_Spread_COVID19.pdf

Faculty and staff should contact their immediate supervisors, human resources, and/or HRCOVID19@odu.edu to discuss any potential COVID-related work absences.

Virginia Public Health Emergency Leave (PHEL)

Virginia Public Health Emergency Leave (PHEL) is available to ODU employees for medical needs and illness related to positive cases of COVID-19 until May 31, 2022, when it is set to expire. To use PHEL, employees must provide confirmation of a positive COVID PCR test from the University or a medical provider to the Department of Human Resources (hrcovid19@odu.edu). Home tests are not approved by DHRM for evidence of testing positive.

After May 31, employees with COVID-related illness should use leave currently available for any illness, including PTO and short or long term disability, when appropriate. If you have questions, please contact the Department of Human Resources at hrcovid19@odu.edu.

Please continue to protect yourself and others by following the recommended CDC Guidelines.

For more information contact risk@odu.edu (Faculty/Staff Only) or COVIDCares@odu.edu (Students/Parents) and visit our COVID-19 FAQ page.