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COVID-19 Related Absences

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Student Extended Absence Notifications (EANs) & Faculty Notifications

  • When a student notifies the university about a COVID diagnosis or exposure that warrants an extended leave of absence from in-person class attendance or online course participation, the COVID Care Team will work with Student Outreach and Support (SOS) to notify the instructors through an Extended Absence Notification (EAN).
  • It is extremely critical for students to report a COVID-19 incident to the university as soon as possible for the notification to be sent to instructors.
  • The Extended Absence Notification (EAN) does not excuse students from missed assignments or course work. It is an official verification of their documented circumstances related to their course absence. In addition, the COVID Care Team encourages students to communicate with their instructors about ways to keep up with their coursework so they are better prepared to return to the classroom.
  • The Extended Absence Notification (EAN) will not disclose a student's specific medical concerns and does not indicate any information about COVID exposure.
  • Qualifying vaccinated students with exposure are expected to resume normal activities and attend class. Should vaccinated students with exposure exhibit symptoms, they should contact the COVID Care Team and test immediately, but an Extended Absence Notification (EAN) will not be sent until the student's test results have been reported. Students are encouraged to stay in contact with their instructors during this time.
  • Qualifying vaccinated and all unvaccinated students with exposure, are expected to quarantine for a minimum of 5 days from the date of last exposure and test on the 5th day, following the exposure.
  • Please note, a student's timeline for quarantine or isolation could vary based on their respective situation. The Student Health Services team and the Office of Risk Management work closely to establish a timeline that is deemed appropriate and safe for the student and the campus community. The University will not notify a student of their case.
  • Faculty should contact the COVID Care Team with additional questions to (757-302-7622) or email COVIDCares@odu.edu for immediate support.

Employee Absences

Faculty and staff should contact their immediate supervisors, human resources, and/or HRCOVID19@odu.edu to discuss any potential COVID-related work absences.

Please continue to protect yourself and others by following the recommended CDC Guidelines.

For more information contact risk@odu.edu (Faculty/Staff Only) or COVIDCares@odu.edu (Students/Parents) and visit our COVID-19 FAQ page.