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Student Engagement & Enrollment ServicesRecognition

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The Student Engagement & Enrollment Services Recognition Committee welcomes you to the SEES Recognition webpage. This page will provide you with information on all our SEES recognition initiatives, including our SEES Employee of the Month Awards and our Annual SEES Staff Awards, along with recognition opportunities such as SEES Shoutouts, and upcoming recognition initiatives. Feel free to reach out to us at SEESRecognition@odu.edu with any questions or comments.

Big Blue Shout Out

Know a really awesome SEES team member who could use a shout out? Send a Big Blue Shout Out to them today! SEES team members who are given a Big Blue Shout Out will receive a custom email and a special prize recognizing them for their hard work.

SEES Awards

SEES Employee of the Month Awards

Nominate Now- SEES Employee of the Month

SEES Lion Heart

April Lion Heart

Aderonke Adeleke - Student

Aderonke Adeleke
Student Assistant
Vice President's Office for SEES

Criteria for Selection

  • Must be an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral student.
  • Exemplifies the virtues of commitment, dedication, service, civic responsibility, and scholarship.
  • Contributes in areas of service to the campus and community.
  • Involved in campus life beyond the scope of job responsibilities.
  • Exhibits a strong commitment to diversity.
  • Demonstrates initiative, strong work ethic, dedication, and overall pride for their job and the university.

SEES Magnificent Monarch

April Magnificent Monarch


Cathryn Janka
Vice President's Office for SEES

Criteria for Selection

  • Must be a classified, hourly, or AP faculty employee.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to the university's mission, vision, and values.
  • Exemplifies SEES core values at a superior level.
  • Fosters pride within and outside of ODU.
  • Performs tasks at an exemplary fashion, while inspiring others.
  • Demonstrates reliability.
  • Fosters relationships to collaborate with other employees, departments, or divisions.

Previous Employee of the Month Winners

Lion Heart


March - Dana Chesser, Student Assistant - Vice President's Office for SEES

February - Annala Burno, Student Assistant - Housing & Residence Life

January - Shiyel Rittenbach, Student Assistant - Office of Intercultural Relations

January - Araceli Nelson, Student Assistant - Office of Intercultural Relations


November - Cray Jones, Student Office Assistant - Recreation & Wellness

October - BreAnna Hill, Student Office Assistant - Housing & Residence Life

September - Raven Jackson, Student Office Assistant - Housing & Residence Life

August - Mya Godwin, Student Office Assistant - Dean of Students' Office

July - Hamza Mohammed, Student Office Assistant - Office of Intercultural Relations

June - Sydney Burson, Student Office Assistant - Vice President's Office for SEES

May - Arielle McGlone, Student Office Assistant - Office of Educational Accessibility

April - Nini Norris, Graphic Designer - Housing & Residence Life

March - Trey Lyon, Student Office Assistant - Leadership & Student Involvement

February- Chloe Jackson, Student Office Assistant - Vice President's Office for SEES

January - Katey Corning, Graduate Assistant - Career Development Services

Magnificant Monarch


March - Aaron Hodnett - SEES Communications

February - Jean Mcclellan-Holt, Assistant Director - Recreation & Wellness

January - Sam Koenig, Assistant Director - Career Development Services

January - Allison McGee, Success Coach - Center for Major Exploration/Mane Connect Success Coaching


November - Joy Johnson, Assistant Director for Communications - Housing & Residence Life

October - Lisa Litwiller, Director for Undergraduate Admissions - Admissions

September - Nicole Kiger, Director for Business Operations - Housing & Residence Life

August - Emily Love, Admissions Counselor - Undergraduate Admissions

July - Taryn Boone, Director for Administrative Services - Housing & Residence Life

June - Samantha Palmucci, Retention Coordinator - Dean of Students Office

May - William Ward, Future Monarch Center Coordinator - Undergraduate Admissions

April - Nicole Remy, Case Manager - Student Outreach and Support

March - Candice Hood, Transfer Evaluation Coordinator - Undergraduate Admissions

February- Kim Early, Assistant to the AVP for Enrollment Management - Enrollment Management

January - Vamsi Manne, Director of Operations - COVID Care Team

2022 SEES Recognition Awards

The Student Engagement & Enrollment Services Recognition Program provides a platform to formally recognize, and reward SEES employees for outstanding work and behaviors that support the mission, goals, and values of the Division and the Old Dominion community. Nominations for the 2022 SEES Recognition Awards will open at noon on Tuesday, March 1, 2022. Winners of each award will receive a $500 employee recognition bonus.

Nominate Now

New Awards for 2022

Mover of Mountains

The Mover of Mountains Award recognizes a SEES leader for their energy and involvement in advancing the campus community and the Division of Student Engagement & Enrollment Services.


  • Demonstrated outstanding performance in their role at ODU.
  • Exemplifies the SEES strategic goals.
  • Actively involved in university programs, events, initiatives, and committees.

Customer Whisperer

The Customer Whisperer Award recognizes a SEES staff member who is considered a goodwill ambassador and "go-to" person for their office because of their commitment to outstanding customer service. Nominees for this award are known for their ability to calm any customer service storm and are often able to resolve a multitude of customer concerns.


  • Shows exceptional initiative in "going the extra mile" to provide customer service to both internal and external customers.
  • Exhibits timely and appropriate follow-up.
  • Shows responsiveness to the needs of students, patrons, or customers to enhance the office and/or ODU's mission.
  • Demonstrates improvement of customer service and satisfaction.

Bubbles Award

The Bubbles Award recognizes a SEES team member whose personality shines brighter than the sun. This award goes to a SEES staff member who always has a cheerful and bubbly personality.


  • Handles unusual or difficult challenges and/or job assignments with professionalism and a smile.
  • Can always cheer you up on a bad day.
  • Works well with others and is always willing to lend a helping hand.
  • Is most likely to perform random acts of kindness for other SEES co-workers or students.

Count Me In

The Count Me in Award recognizes an individual who consistently is up for volunteering their time. They provide valuable support to multiple units in the SEES division by lending a helping hand at SEES sponsored events.


  • Volunteered significant unpaid hours at SEES sponsored events in the past year.
  • Strong volunteer characteristics including dependability, flexibility, initiative, cooperation, and positive interaction with others.
  • Going above and beyond to make a positive impact on the SEES division or the Monarch community at large.

Hidden Gem Award

The Hidden Gem Award recognizes a SEES staff member for their outstanding behind the scenes contributions to SEES. They may not be serving our students or staff on the front line, but behind the scenes they make a significant impact to our students' success and to the SEES division.


  • Provides back of office support to the SEES unit, such as record keeping, account processing, technology support, or policy and procedure compliance support.
  • Contributes regularly to the goals and projects of the unit and division with humility and respect.
  • Plays an undeniably valuable role in achieving organizational success.

Dynamic Duo

The Dynamic Duo Award recognizes two hardworking SEES staff members who always support one another whether in the same SEES office or interdepartmentally. The duo is well known for supporting one another through both work and encouragement.


  • Both members celebrate the importance of their relationship for collaboration either within or outside of their units.
  • Facilitates communication across positions to ensure one another's work is completed.
  • Supports one another when on leave to ensure projects continue moving forward.

SEES Super Squad - $500 luncheon or award of their choice.

The SEES Super Squad is awarded to one SEES unit annually. The top unit made outstanding strides to exceed their strategic objectives and goals in the 2021-2022 academic year.


  • Contributed to the overall success of the SEES division.
  • Made a significant impact on students' success over the past year through strategic objectives and goals.
  • Frequently works across department lines to ensure the mission of the SEES division is met.
  • Celebrates the importance of effective relationships for collaboration both within and outside of their unit.

Awards by Committee Vote:

  1. Lion Heart of the Year - Top Lion Heart from the past 12 months
  2. Magnificent Monarch of the Year - Top Magnificent Monarch from the past 12 months

Recognition Initiatives

University Recognition

Administrator of the Year

Employee of the Month

Customer Relations Employee of the Year

Hace Staff/Rookie Member of the Year Award

John R. Broderick Diversity Champion Award

Monarch Professional Award

Service Award

Staff Dream Fund

SEES Student Corner - Coming Soon!

Calling All SEES Student Workers

Would you like to be featured in an upcoming SEES Student Corner? SEES Recognition is looking for awesome SEES student workers to showcase on our SEES Recognition page. Every two weeks, our SEES Recognition team will select a SEES student worker to be pictured on the SEES Recognition page. We'll showcase each student through a series of questions and answers, posted here for all of ODU to see.

Interested in being featured in our next SEES Student Corner? Email SEES Recognition at SEESRecognition@odu.edu today!

Retention Champion

Nov/Dec Retention Champion Winner

Ragan Killen, Counseling Services Professional Counselor

Nov/Dec Retention Champion Nominees

Joe Diasanta, Enrollment Management CRM Manager

Chelsea Brown, Career Development Services Office Coordinator - HR

Kenyetta Carrillo, Customer Relations Representative

Petra Szonyegi, Housing & Residence Life Residence Hall Director

2021 Student Employee Award Winners

2021 Student Employee of the Year - Trisha Tianes, IT Service Help Desk

"Trisha has one of the highest metric averages here at the Help Desk and has been consistent since she started here. Not only is she intelligent, but her troubleshooting methodology that she's developed, has allowed her to resolve most problems that come her way. Her strong point is establishing the probable cause of an issue quickly while still being personable." - Clifton Blaisdell, ITS

2021 Bright Beginner - Kayla Turner, Office of Educational Accessibility

Kayla has a "hardworking character and her diligent and professional manner in which she operates to assist student and office staff. She assists with ease and effectiveness while balancing her responsibilities as a student. She is an asset to the office, and we are very grateful to have her as part of the Educational Accessibility student worker and office team." - Evette Brooks, Educational Accessibility

2021 Outstanding Remote Student Employee - Niaylah Means, Student Conduct & Academic Integrity

Niaylah "is responsible, as well as professional and understands the importance of student confidentiality and the level of expected ethical behavior for our office. Additionally, Niaylah was able to transition into teleworking with ease during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. She continued to provide office assistance and high-level customer service with a positive attitude." - Jeanine Turman, Student Conduct & Academic Integrity

2021 Resilience Champion - Stefano Pipito, Perry Library

"Stefano has showcased his importance of hard work...[and] he lobbied for [a successful] increase in pay for the library student workers." - Sam Lopez, Perry Library