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Student Engagement & Enrollment Services Giving

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Group of students walking outside from Webb University Center.

ODU Cares is a focused effort by Old Dominion University to address issues that impact the success of its students. The ODU Cares Fund will provide assistance to students who are facing food insecurity, home insecurity as well as other financial hurdles.

Often times these issues make it very difficult for students to continue their education. This fund will help fund a centralized pantry in Webb Center that will provide students with grab and go food items, and other necessary personal hygiene products. Additional efforts will focus on providing micro grants to aid students impacted by short term emergencies.

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SEES Funding Priorities

Leadership Programs

Enrollment Services collaborates with student-run organizations to support the needs of every student. SEES utilizes resources to support and deliver comprehensive service programs.

Service Programs

SEES creates purposeful integrated wellness opportunities that empower and encourage students to develop healthy and safe environments. Each program supports meaningful experiences outside of the classroom.

Emergency Grants for Student Crisis

SEES provides an umbrella of care for students who need to resolve problems.

Student Testimonials

Tyiesha Leone Andah - "Thank you for your generous contribution and recognizing my hard work to help me achieve my goals. I have been committed to several community service programs while attending school. Receiving this scholarship will motivate me in continuing to maintain my GPA."

Kiersten Jefferson - "One of the great things I love about being a member of the Future Alumni Council here at ODU is the growth organization has afforded me. As Event Coordinator, I've coordinated events that foster the bond between current students and alumni. I've developed a greater sense of self that I will cherish."

Barry Merrill, Father of Tyler - "As a single parent for the last 13 years, I could have never dreamed it possible for him to attend college without having a lifetime of worry about how to pay the tuition or student loans. Your efforts with helping him secure the many scholarships at ODU have made the cost extremely manageable and will provide him high quality education."

Ivan Trent - "Thank you for helping me with the funding. It made a big difference in my academics, as I raised my GPA. The scholarship you gave me opened many doors. I was able to speak about my life story and articulate why donors should continue to donate to the University, which helped me become a stronger leader."

Kam Nedd - "Leadership opportunities at ODU helped me strive to better myself as a student while expanding my community. I take pride in my involvement as a Monarch."