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ODU’s Pre-Health Club Inspires and Nurtures Future Medical Professionals

By: Brandon Coomar

Members of Old Dominion University's Pre-Health Club are continuing a tradition of building up the next generation of medical professionals to enter the workforce and impact communities, either locally or globally. Pre-Health Club members and health professionals from across the region including various military installations, Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS), Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) work and learn together. The leadership in the Pre-Health Club set club members up for success.

"The purpose of this club is to be the outlet of information for all undergraduate students who want and need information on how to enter this field of work," said Julia Wilson, president of the Pre-Health Club and in the B.S./M.D. joint program at Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS). "Whether that would be studying for the MCAT, helping with job applications, or looking for potential scholarships, the Pre-Health Club can provide the necessary tools for getting a foot in the door." All majors are welcome to join this club.

This organization offers an abundance of events and workshops aimed to provide a wealth of education and allows students to become more involved in activities. If any majors are interested in knowing more information about public health careers, then look no further than the "Pre-Health club." Networking, scholarships, interviews, resume-building, and internships are provided by this organization.

The Pre-Health Club offers networking opportunities that can be a guiding light for the students here at ODU. "More students need information on how to make it in this field," said Wilson. As part of the Pre-Health Club, students are prepared for real-world experiences. "We do things to help Monarchs be prepared for various medical professions and through connections are what help open some eyes on what the health industry is all about," said Wilson.

Students get to host blood drives, which allows students to see firsthand the process of how health professionals take blood and transfer it to the hospitals. Also, club members volunteer in the community at area Sentara hospitals where they get to assist medical professionals while also gaining firsthand knowledge of the industry.

At workshops, students get more training and hands-on experiences. Health professionals lead the various workshops and give more insight on what students need to do to prepare for their future careers.

"The Pre-Health Club hosts various activities that can help students get a feel of what it is like to take the role of a health professional, whether that be a nurse or a dentist," said Wilson. Even with the ongoing pandemic, the Pre-Health Club still finds a way to make sure its members are not forgotten but engaged through on-going activities.

Anyone who is interested or worried about what it takes to work in the health profession, should consider joining the Pre-Health Club. This club contains every resource available to help undergrads find their way. Find out more about ODU's Pre-Health Club on the website.