ODU/EVMS Joint Program in Medicine

The Joint Program in Medicine is designed to encourage highly qualified students to receive a B.S. from Old Dominion University and a M.D. from Eastern Virginia Medical School. A student accepted into the ODU/EVMS Joint Program in Medicine will be guaranteed a position at Eastern Virginia Medical School upon graduation from Old Dominion University and completion of prerequisite courses for medical school. Applications will be accepted beginning the last Friday in December through the 1st Friday in February.



Eligibility and Selection of Students for the Program:

  1. Sophomores will apply for the BSMD program through the Pre-Health Advisor. Applications will be received and reviewed by the BSMD selection committee based upon academic performance, strength of extracurricular activities, volunteerism, leadership, and health care exposure.
  2. Applications will be accepted from students without regard to a student's state of residency.
  3. Applicants for the program should have achieved an overall and science grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.5. These should be viewed as minimum requirements. Students who do not meet these minimum requirements will not be considered for the program.
  4. Members of an EVMS admissions committee will interview qualified applicants.
  5. Students in the program are required to take the MCAT and attain a minimum combined score at or above 503 (61st percentile) for admission to EVMS.
  6. Candidates will not receive an acceptance until after they have completed their first two years of undergraduate study and we have grades from all semesters of the first two years. We will still accept nominations and interview in the spring, but the committee wants to see these grades prior to acceptance.
  7. Biochemistry, at least one psychology and at least one sociology course are to be mandatory after acceptance into the program and preferably taken during the junior year prior to taking the MCAT. However, the courses must be completed prior to matriculation to the MD program.
  8. Accepted students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5 throughout the program or be subject to dismissal.
  9. A minimum number of physician observation/clinical exposure (25 hours) and volunteering/community service hours (50 hours) are required after acceptance into the program. This must be in addition to experiences listed on the application to the program.
  10. The Pre-Health advisor must send a status report on the student (grades, professionalism, infractions, etc.) at least every 6 months or after each semester. A final report must be provided prior to matriculation to the MD program.
  11. Legal infractions, honor code violations, student conduct violations, and professionalism issues including social media activities are grounds for dismissal from the program.
  12. The deadline for receiving all credentials is the 1st Friday in February.