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Application for admission to the Old Dominion University's Oral Preschool program shall be made by the child's local school division. The Admission Committee at ODU will determine whether the student meets the admission criteria.

Inquiries may come from parents, relatives, early intervention (Part C) providers, local school divisions, and medical/clinical providers. We are happy to invite all such persons to observe the class, tour the building and meet with staff. Information regarding the program as well as application procedures will be shared. However, actual applications will be accepted from a public school division only. All others are encouraged to discuss placement options with the child's Individualized Education Program (IEP) team in his or her school division. An admission packet will be forwarded to the school division upon their request.


  1. The student must have a current Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or an IEP in process prior to placement.
  2. The student must exhibit hearing loss, being found eligible for special education services with a disability of "hearing impairment", "deafness" or "developmental delay."
  3. The student's parent(s) must commit to participate in parent training opportunities at a minimum of two hours each month (times, hours and days are flexible).

The Admission Committee of ODU's Oral Preschool Program reserves the right to deny admission to any applicant. Some reasons a denial may be given is the failure to meet the above criteria or the failure of the parent to commit to participation requirements. Any denials will be in writing and include a statement of rationale from the Admission Committee.

Application Procedure

Upon request by the public school division, the Oral Preschool Program will send an application packet. For admission to be considered for a child, the Oral Preschool Program requires current speech and language, developmental/educational, as well as audiology reports to be submitted as part of the application process. If the child has previously received IEP services, forwarding current school records/reports is sufficient. Once a completed application packet is received by ODU, the school division will receive notification of the Admissions Committee decision within 30 calendar days.

Upon acceptance into the program the IEP team will meet to change placement/location and determine starting date. Within 30 calendar days of the start date a new IEP will be developed by ODU's Oral Preschool staff/IEP team.

Application may be made as the child's third birthday approaches. A waiting list will be utilized at any time that the program is full.

Prior to enrollment, parents must complete required forms.