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Temporary Housing (Triples)

A temporarily Tripled Room is a room originally designed for two students and typically used as a double, but has enough space to be comfortably converted into a triple.

To create a Tripled Room, two of the three beds are bunked, and an additional single bed is placed in the room. All students living in a Tripled Room will receive his/her own bed, dresser, desk, and chair. Students are asked to share closet space until the third person can be moved out.

Housing & Residence Life is committed to ensuring that all students who live on campus have the ultimate college experience. As ODU's campus continues to expand and evolve, the demand for student housing continues to increase. This year, we will be welcoming an incoming first-year class of over 2,700 students, many of whom will be joining our residential community. Due to the continued desire for on-campus housing, Housing & Residence Life must utilize Tripled Housing as a way to temporarily increase our capacity and offer housing to more students.

Why Would a Student Get Assigned to a Triple?

Assigning students to a temporary space in a Tripled Room provides a student the opportunity to begin at ODU until we can secure a space from another student who has decided not to attend ODU. Due to the demand of housing, students will be assigned to Tripled Housing in order of completed date of the application process. Many students sign up to attend ODU and intend to live on campus, but some students' plans change over the summer and into the fall semester.

Tripled Housing Credit

Tripled Students will receive a discounted room rate until a new space can be indentified. This discounted room rate will apply to all students assigned in the tripled room space (please note that the Tripled Housing Credit does not apply to meal plans). Students who decide to remain together in the triple agreement after a permanent space is offered, do forfeit the triple credit for the remainder of the year.

Hints for a Successful Experience

  • Take the time early on to talk to your roommates about important issues, such as visitors, quiet time, sleep schedule, etc. Your RA will be available to help guide you through the Roommate Agreement Process.
  • The key to a good roommate relationship is developing positive, open communication.
  • Contact both of your roommates to discuss what everyone plans to bring.
  • Break the ice with your roommates and get to know each other.
  • Utilize your RA if you start to have any problems; don't let things build up.
  • Have an open mind; if you come expecting problems you will have problems. You alone decide what type of experience you have.

How Long are Students Assigned to a Triple Room?

The length of stay in a Tripled Room is hard to predict as it depends upon other students. When a new space is identified, the Tripled Student will be assigned to the new space. It is important to remember that while we will make every attempt to keep you within the same community during the de-tripling process, it cannot always be guaranteed. We will work to ensure this process imposes as little inconvenience as possible to all students.

Students who are de-tripled prior to opening will receive an email notification from Housing & Residence Life. Once the halls are open, students will work with their hall staff on this process. This is an ongoing process that is not complete until all students have been de-tripled.

Do I Have to Move?

Yes, and no. If we are able to offer a space to the Tripled Student during the first four weeks of the semester, de-tripling is required. Tripled Students will be given the opportunity to remain in the Tripled Room permanently if all students agree upon remaining together. This is permanent, no change can be made to de-triple at a later date. Students who choose the Voluntary Triple Agreement also lose the Tripled Housing Credit for the remainder of the year.