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Lisa Smith - The Coaching Center

Hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programming, and Emotional Freedom Techniques

Lisa Smith is the owner of The Coaching Center for Mind Training & Success, previously known as Life by Design Coaching & Hypnotherapy. The Coaching Center for Mind Training & Success provides individual and organizational training & coaching on both the practical and psychological tools to create behavior change and peak performance in order to achieve personal or business & professional goals more quickly, easily & permanently. This includes hypnosis, neurolingusitic programming (NLP) and emotional freedom techniques (EFT).

Personal/wellness coaching services help eliminate unwanted habits, release fears/phobias, decrease stress, improve performance, sleep better, manage pain, and more.

Business coaching services are designed to improve a business owner's skillset (business structure, marketing, sales process, systemization) and more importantly, their mindset (beliefs, fears, doubts and behaviors that sabotage the skillset) to help build and grow a successful business.

Corporate and organizational training services focus on the psychology of individual and group performance. We teach your staff/members how to change unproductive emotions, behavior and interaction, and improve performance results. This leads to greater job satisfaction, lower turnover and sick days, fewer HR complaints, better work production, and ultimately--increased profits.

How WBC helped Lisa with her business: "Thanks to the resources, classes & staff at the WBC, I have made connections with ideal clients and referral partners, received my SWaM and Micro Business certifications, registered on the eVA procurement system to open up more corporate training opportunities, learned of other resources and contacts to find other hot marketing avenues, and received support when I had business-related questions. I was also able to make a connection during their monthly CEI unWINEd networking event which led to being hired to create and present a half-day workshop on the Psychology of Business Success to several graduating classes of the LAUNCH Hampton Roads business start-up program. Now I'm able to offer the workshop to business owners in the general public."

Praise for WBC

"Thanks to the resources, classes & staff at the WBC, I have made connections with ideal clients and referral partners, expanded my network, and received support when I need it."

- Lisa Smith, Owner

Business Quick Facts

The Coaching Center for Mind Training & Success
-Woman Owned Business
Web: http://www.themindtrainingcenter.com