Microbiology & Immunology

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Research in microbiology is focused on microbe environment and host-pathogen interactions, viral and vector-borne diseases, their epidemiology, and infectious diseases transmitted by arthropods. Immunology faculty research development of the adaptive immune system, especially CD4+ T cells, and their role in regulating the immune response to microorganisms. Immune tolerance and its impact on tumor development are also studied.

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Concentration Information

  •  BIOL 890 - Two graded seminars
  •  BIOL 805 - Advanced Microbiology
  •  BIOL 845 - Advanced Immunology
  •   BMS 898 - Research

Students select one of the following courses:

  •  BIOL 840 - Advanced Vaccinology

  •  BIOL 881 - Autoimmunity and Transplantation

Optional elective courses require permission from the student's dissertation committee.

Concentration Coordinator

Assistant Professor Biological Sciences