Bioinformatics & Genomics

Machine Learning

The Bioinformatics and Genomics Concentration provides cutting-edge training in the field of computational biology to study important and fundamental questions in the Biomedical Sciences. Research areas explored by the faculty members include, but are not limited to: genomic and protein evolution, comparative genomics, protein structure and folding, DNA sequence assembly and annotation, and molecular images. In select research labs, computational studies may include conducting complimentary wet-lab experiments.

Students are encouraged to integrate computational skills gained from this concentration in their PhD research. The advanced coursework in bioinformatics and genomics and the research program will be specifically tailored to each student, in consultation with the student and their course guidance and dissertation committees.

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Concentration Information

  • BMS 898 - Doctoral Research
  • CS 823 - Introduction to Bioinformatics

Two graded seminars are to be determined with consultation of the Concentration Coordinator.

Students select two of the following courses:

  • BDA 640 - Genomic Data Science
  • BIOL 801 - Practical Computing for Biology
  • BIOL 803 - Advanced Genomics Data Analysis
  • CHEM 881 - Protein Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics
  • CS 895 - Topics in Computer Science
  • MDTS 820 - Genomic Databases: Content, Curation, and Application to Biomedical Research

Concentration Coordinator

Assistant Professor Computer Science