Bioelectrical Science

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Students choosing the Bioelectrical Science concentration will explore the field of bioelectric through fundamentals of electric field interactions with cells, tissues, and organisms, the development of sensors and stimulators for biomedicine to transform the treatment of cancer, sepsis, diabetes, neural and cardiovascular diseases. The research interests of the faculty members include:

  • cancer cell biology, mechanisms, therapeutics
  • drug and gene delivery
  • cardiac electrophysiology
  • cardiopulmonary physiology and disease
  • plasma medicine
  • pulsed power engineering
  • biomaterials, biosensors, and bioelectronics
  • neuromodulation and electrophysiology
  • computational molecular modeling

Individual plans for advanced coursework and research in bioelectrical science will be developed in consultation with the student and the dissertation advisor. Learn more about bioelectrical science here.

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Required Concentration Courses

BIOE 554 - Introduction to Bioelectrics

BIOE 854 - Advanced Bioelectrics

BIOE 855 - Biomembranes and Ion Channels

BIOE 890 - Two graded seminars

BMS 898 - Research

Optional elective courses require permission of dissertation committee.

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