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Electronic Personnel Action Forms

Electronic Personnel Action forms (EPAFs) is a paperless method to submit employee changes to Human Resources and/or Payroll.

The EPAFs are submitted through Banner self-service (Leo-Online) by the department and routed to the appropriate EPAF department approver and then to Payroll (Student Employment) or Human Resources for review and update of the Banner records. Listed Below is the flow of the EPAF process:

Originator > Approver > Payroll or Human Resources > Banner Record Updated

The following actions are part of the EPAF Process:

  • A rate change
  • Rehiring a Student or Hourly in the same position
  • Rehiring a Student or Hourly in a different position (whether in your department or another department)
  • Terminating a Student or Hourly employee
  • Terminating a Student or Hourly employee's job

The paper E1 and E1S forms will still be needed for hiring new students and hourlies who have never worked for the University before.

Complete the Electronic Approval Access Form if this is your first time doing EPAFs to be set up in the system.

EPAF Approval Access Form

EPAF Information

Supervisor / Approver


Hourly Employment Processes

Student Employment Processes

For more information please contact Brenda Blount in the Payroll Office at 683-5399 or Arlinda McGruder in the Human Resources Office at 683-6127.