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Department of Engineering TechnologyEET Senior Design Projects

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Microchip with diagram.

Hi-Fi Boombox Design

Student: Alfred E. Gregg IV

Advisor: William D. Stanley

Abstract: The goal of this project is to cover all design considerations and implementations for constructing a "hi-fi" stereo audio amplifier circuit and other components to be used in a boombox. Other designs explained include a power supply, a three-band equalizer, and crossover networks for the speakers.

8x32 LED Scrolling Signboard

8x32 LED Scrolling Signboard

Student: William Henley

Abstract: Development of an 8 row by 32 column scrolling LED signboard is detailed. The PIC16F84A microcontroller is utilized to communicate messages to the signboard through an IC network consisting of 4017 decade counters and 2N3904 transistors. Multiplexing of the LED's is used to minimize the number of IC ports needed. Components, construction, and PIC programing are explained.

DC/AC Inverter

Student: Jerry Craghead

Advisor: John Hackworth

Abstract: The circuitry used to create a 12VDC to 120VAC inverter will be researched, simulated, tested, and constructed. Simulations and testing of possible circuit configurations are performed until the best circuit design is found. Once best circuit design is determined the components are hooked up, analyzed, and tested until the circuitry works at optimum capacity. Finally the 120 VAC signal will be connected to a low wattage load to test the operation of the DC to AC inverter.