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English PhD Alumni

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Matthew Beale

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Matthew Beale is a Digital Writing lecturer at Old Dominion University. He teaches classes in game studies, technical communication, and web design and development. His research examines rhetorics of game design, technical communication, scrum project management, and the development of a set of design principles for educational game design. He is currently working on a book about GIFs and their cultural and technological impacts. Visit his website here and connect with him on Twitter.

Mark Blaauw-Hara

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Mark Blaauw-Hara is a NTT Professor of English at North Central Michigan College, where he coordinates the writing program in addition to teaching writing and literature. Mark is also the President of the Council of Writing Program Administrators, an international professional organization. Mark's research interests include student veterans, writing pedagogy, threshold concepts and transfer theory, and writing program administration, and Mark's dissertation focused on the writing and learning transitions of student veterans.

Nathanael J. Cloyd

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Nathanael Cloyd is an adjunct professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, where he teaches writing studies, science fiction, and critical theory. His research interests currently focus on what amounts to the conjunction between post-9/11 American narratives, affect theory, cultural studies, critical theory, rhetoric, multiliteracy studies, genre studies, science fiction studies, horror studies, fantasy studies, popular literature, and the role of emotion in the narrative.

April Cobos

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April Cobos' research focuses on feminist rhetorical scholarship, gender studies, masculinity, and military rhetorics. She is completing her dissertation on the rhetorical practices of women in special forces military communities. Her other current research projects include the visual rhetoric of disabled veterans, early 20th century Navy spouse conduct manuals, and the 19th century writings of the Woodhull and Claflin sisters. Connect with her on Twitter.

Daniel Hocutt

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Daniel Hocutt serves as web manager on the marketing and engagement team for the School of Professional & Continuing Studies at the University of Richmond, where he also serves as adjunct professor of liberal arts. His focus areas of Rhetoric, Writing & Discourse and Technology & Media Studies contributed to his technical communication dissertation on tracing rhetorical agency in online search activity. Visit his website here and connect with him on Twitter.

Kim Fahle Peck

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Kim Fahle Peck is the Writing Center Director at York College of Pennsylvania. She teaches first-year writing courses and courses on writing center and writing pedagogy. Her scholarship focuses on writing centers, online writing instruction, and undergraduate research. Starting in 2020, Kim is a co-editor of Young Scholars in Writing. Visit her website here or connect with her on Twitter.

Megan Mize

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Megan Mize is currently the Associate Director for ePortfolios and Digital Initiatives in ODU's Center for High Impact Practices (CHIP). Her doctoral concentration was Literary and Cultural Studies, with a particular emphasis on the early modern era. Visit her website here and connect with her on Twitter.

Sarah V. Moseley

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Sarah V. Moseley is the Communications Manager at the Mind & Life Institute, an alt-ac non-profit that supports research on contemplative practice. She previously was an Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia, where she still holds a research affiliation. Her research focuses on how marginalized groups enter into mainstream communities, through the lens of feminist rhetorics; her current work extends her dissertation research to bridging university and incarcerated yoga groups. Visit her research website here.

Laura Paganucci

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Laura Paganucci serves as a Program Manager for the United States Air Force in support of the CV-22 Osprey. Her previous research examined interdisciplinary teams, their negotiation of knowledge, and work products. Laura applies the lessons learned from this research to her current task of managing diverse teams to develop and field electronic warfare systems.

Jessica Saxon

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Jessica Saxon is an English faculty member at Craven Community College in New Bern, North Carolina. Her concentration in the program was Literary & Cultural Studies and Gender & Sexuality Studies; her dissertation explored uses of paratexts and narrative interventions in "illict" works from nineteenth-century Great Britain. Connect with her on Twitter.

Eric Sentell

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Eric Sentell is an English Instructor and Coordinator of General Education at Southeast Missouri State University. His concentrations were Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse Studies as well as Technology and New Media. His dissertation explored the qualities that make information memorable. He has published articles in Technical Communication, Relevant Rhetoric, and the Writing Lab Newsletter. He continues to research memorableness as well as write and publish creatively. Connect with him on Twitter or view his university bio page.

George Shamshayooadeh

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George Shamshayooadeh is an Assistant Professor at the Defense Language Institute (DLI) in Monterey, California. He is multilingual and teaches classes in Persian Language and Literature at DLI as well as English composition and literature courses at Evergreen Valley College and Mission College in Northern California. George received his Ph.D. in English from Old Dominion University with concentrations in Literary/Cultural Studies and Rhetoric-Composition in May 2018. George has also taught English at The National Hispanic University and ESL writing at San Jose State University. Prior to his work in the Silicon Valley, he taught English composition and literature at a number of universities and institutions in Tehran, Iran, including the Islamic Free (Azad) University, College of Foreign Languages. George's dissertation focused on the possible worlds theory and the magical realist elements manifested in Salman Rushdie's texts of historiographic metafiction.

Suzanne Sink

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Suzanne Sink currently serves as a Senior Instructor in English and Assistant Director of the writing center at Florida Atlantic University. Her academic concentrations include digital rhetoric, new media, archives, feminist historigography, and cultural rhetorics. Suzanne's dissertation was a born-digital project in which she generated a digital cultural archive featuring Azorean-American women, including oral histories and artifacts related to cultural identity in the domestic sphere. Using autoethnographic methods, this project also explored rhetorical approaches to archival work and the constrained agency of the rhetor-archivist. The archive is available online and she can be contacted via email.