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Laura Smithers

Laura Smithers

Educational Foundations & Leadership

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  • Articles

    Mazzei, L. A., and Smithers, L. (2020). Qualitative Inquiry in the Making: A Minor Pedagogy. QUALITATIVE INQUIRY, 26 (1), pp. 99-108.
    Eaton, P. W., and Smithers, L. (2019). This is not a checklist: Higher education and student affairs competencies, neoliberal protocol, and poetics. EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY AND THEORY
    Smithers, L., and Eaton, P. W. (2019). Reordering Student Affairs: From Minority Absorption to a Radical New. Critical Studies in Education
    Mazzei, L. A., and Smithers, L. (2019). Qualitative Inquiry in the Making: A Minor Pedagogy. Qualitative Inquiry
    Smithers, L. (2019). Liberal Education and the Capitalocene in American Higher Education. Philosophy and Theory in Higher Education, 1 (1), pp. 85-103.
    Mazzei, L. A., Graham, M. C., and Smithers, L. (2018). Enactments of a Minor Inquiry. Qualitative Inquiry
    Koopman, C., Sheehey, B., Jones, P., Smithers, L., Hamid, S., and Pickard, C. (2018). Standard Forms of Power: Biopower and Sovereign Power in the Technology of the U.S. Birth Certificate, 1903-1935.. Constellations, 25 (4), pp. 641-656.
    Smithers, L., and Eaton, P. W. (2017). Nomadic Subjectivity: Movement in Student Development Theory. Thresholds in Education, 40 (1), pp. 68-92.
    Brooks, S. D., Dean, A. S., Franklin-Phipps, A., Mathis, E., Rath, C. L., Raza, N., Smithers, L., and Sundstrom, K. (2017). Becoming-Academic in the Neoliberal Academy: A Collective Biography. Gender and Education
  • Book Chapters

    Smithers, L. (2019). How Should Institutions Redefine and Measure Student Success? Student Success as Liberal Education Escapes Definition and Measurement.Contested Issues in Troubled Times: Student Affairs Dialogues on Equity, Civility, and Safety (pp. 165-175). Sterling, VA: Stylus Publishing.