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Joshua Behr

Joshua Behr

Virginia Modeling, Analysis & Simulation Center

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  • Articles

    Behr, J. G. (2006). Modeling the Rally Event: Toward Conceptual and Methodological Clarity. The Social Science Journal
    Behr, J. G. (2003). Searching for Determinism: A Comparative Assessment of First Term Approval Volatility, Buoyancy, and Polarization. Presidential Studies Quarterly, Vol. 33 (3),
    Behr, J. G. (2000). Black and Female Municipal Employment: A Substantive Benefit of Minority Political Incorporation?. Journal of Urban Affairs, Vol. 22 (3),
  • Book Chapters

    Behr, J. G. (2004). What We Believe.. Norfolk, Va.: Regional Studies Institute, Old Dominion University.
  • Presentations

    Behr, J. G. (April 14, 2007). Healthcare Access, Literacy and Empowerment Chicago, IL.
    Behr, J. G. (March 2, 2007). Mobilization Politics: Why the Religious Left Trumps the Religious Right Ky..
    Behr, J. G. (March 24, 2005). Parties and Interest Groups New Orleans, LA.
    Behr, J. G. (March 24, 2005). Populations Covered by the Voting Rights Act New Orleans, LA.
    Behr, J. G. (March 19, 2005). Perceptions of Quality of Life: The Racial Chasm in Hampton Roads Richmond, VA.
    Behr, J. G. (December 1, 2004). “Quality of Life in Hampton Roads” presented at The Future of Hampton roads Committee on Regional Priorities WHRO Studios, Norfolk, VA..
    Behr, J. G. (October 7, 2004). “The Spatial Constancy Index: an Improved Measure of Residential Segregation” presented at Brown Bag Series, Department of Political Science and Geography, Old Dominion University Norfolk, Va..
    Behr, J. G. (September 2, 2004). Segregation and Urban Policy: A Comparative Analysis of Trends Chicago, IL.
    Behr, J. G. (November 8, 2003). Virginia Politics: Did the Election Change Anything? Newport News, VA.
    Behr, J. G. (August 31, 2003). First Term Presidential Approval Philadelphia, PA.
    Behr, J. G. (October 16, 2002). “The Politics and Consequences of Minority Segregation: Internationalizing a Research Method” Norfolk, Va..
    Behr, J. G. (August 30, 2002). A Measure of Spatial Auto-Correlation Boston, MA.
    Behr, J. G. (April 20, 2001). The Political Tenability of Racial Gerrymanders: An Analysis of Local Governments in the Redistricting Process Chicago, IL.
    Behr, J. G. (November 20, 2000). “Municipal Employment Policy and Political Empowerment” presented at Southwestern Oklahoma State University Social Science Faculty Form lecture series. Weatherford, Oklahoma.
    Behr, J. G. (October 27, 2000). Residential Segregation and the Consideration of Race as a Criterion in the Districting Process presented at Regional Research Conference Edmond, Oklahoma.
    Behr, J. G. (February 10, 1998). Municipal Redistricting Criteria New Orleans, LA.
    Behr, J. G. (November 5, 1997). Presidential Popularity: The Impact of a Domestic Crisis Norfolk, VA.
    Behr, J. G. (March 13, 1997). Implications of Descriptive Representation: A Longitudinal Study of Public Employment Patterns in New Orleans Tucson, AZ.
    Behr, J. G. (March 7, 1997). An Explanation of House Support for the President: The Role of Ideological Congruence Lafayette, LA.
  • 2004: American Political Science Association’s 2004 Norton Long Scholar Award, American Political Science Association
  • 2004: Southern Political Science Association’s 2004 Artinian Award for Professional Development, Southern Political Science Association
  • 2001: Southwestern Political Science Association’s 2001 Ted Robinson Dissertation Award, Southwestern Political Science Association
  • 2000: American Political Science Association’s 2000 Byron Jackson Dissertation Research Award, American Political Science Association
  • Contracts, Grants and Sponsored Research

    Behr, J. G.; Allen, T.; Mcleod, G. "Assessing Current and Future Risk Posed to Structural Assets at NIT South" $68,500. State. May 1, 2017 - September 1, 2017
    Behr, J. G. ""Evaluation Emergency Department Utilization, Sentara Norfolk General Hospital" $141,000. Other. 2006 - 2008
    Behr, J. G. "3nd annual “Greater Hampton Roads Quality of Life Survey” project" $27,000. Other. 2005 - 2006
    Behr, J. G. "“Health Matters: Determinants of Health Disparities in Hampton Roads” " $92,000. Old Dominion University. 2005 - 2006
    Behr, J. G. "2nd annual “Greater Hampton Roads Quality of Life Survey” project" $30,000. Other. 2004 - 2005
    Behr, J. G. "“Greater Hampton Roads Quality of Life Survey” project" . Other. 2003 - 2004