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Carolina Conte

Carolina Conte

Communication & Theatre Arts

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Email: cconte@odu.edu

Phone: 757-683-3834



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  • Expertise

    Directing, Editing, History, Theory and Criticism
  • Research Interests

    In my research, I have been mainly exploring the area of film adaptations (and Shakespeare on the screen)—and the conversations between film, theatre and literature. Starting with the thesis work I developed for the conclusion of my bachelor’s degree in Social Communication – Publicity and Advertising in Brazil, I worked on a history-to-book-to-film adaptation of an event of the military dictatorship in Brazil. Soon after, during my graduated studies at Ohio University, I continued my research on adaptation but also incorporating my interest in theater. I began delving into the world of Shakespeare film adaptations, and the work produced for my master’s degree explored some of the film adaptations of “Romeo and Juliet”. Further exploring this line of study during my doctoral degree, I expanded my research on Shakespeare on the screen investigating “The Merchant of Venice”, and elaborating some thoughts on a hypothetical film adaptation for this play. In continuing my journey in academia, researching and writing papers for conference presentations, still within the realm of film adaptation, other than Shakespeare on the screen, I have also reached for different thoughts, ideas, and understandings of the word and concept of adaptation, exploring different artistic manifestations and literary approaches.