Clinical Associate Professor
School of Nursing

Linda Bennington Ph.D., RN


I obtained my Ph.D. in Nursing at Virginia Commonwealth University. I originally majored in Chemistry and Biochemistry at West Virginia University and then discovered I enjoyed working with people more than being isolated in a lab.

Ph.D. in Nursing, Virginia Commonwealth University, (2010)

M.S.N. in , Old Dominion University, (1995)

B.S.N. in Nursing, Old Dominion University, (1983)

M.S. in Biochemistry and Nutrition, West Virginia University, (1968)

B.S. in Chemistry, West Virginia University, (1967)

Teacher Certification
Sponsoring Organization: West Virginia State University
Date Obtained: 1996-01-01
Sponsoring Organization: Virginia Board of Nursing
Date Obtained: 1983-07-30

Contracts, Grants and Sponsored Research

Cartagena, D. "Cartagena, D. C. (PI), Tremblay, B.M., (PI), Hawkins, Janice, Parrott, J. M., Bennington, L. K., Claiborne, D.M., & Bruhn, A. M. grant application to Healthy Communities Action Team (HCAT) Project Workplan 2023-2024: Nutrition right from the start. A Southeast Virginia Healthy Community Action Team for approximately $30,000/year for 3 years. Submitted 10/22." $30,000. State. -
Colberg-Ochs, S. R., Swain, D. P., Somma, C. Thomas., Sechrist, S. R. and Bennington, L. K. "Exercise Timing and Maximal Glycemic Benefits for Type 2 Diabetic Individuals" $9,750. Private. November 2006 - August 2007
Bennington, L. K. "National Research Service Award (NRSA)" $30,000. -


Women's Health
Obstetrics, Prenatal Care, Delivery, Newborn
Women's Health
Complementary Alternative Medicine and Spirituality

Research Interests

Pregnancy and Childbirth
Complementary Alternative Medicine


Wilsey, C. (2023). Development and initial validation of a sexual and gender minority competency-based survey for health service professionals. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry..
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Lee, A. H., Kelley, C., Alfes, C. M., Bennington, L. K. and Dolansky, M. A. (2017). High-fidelity patient simulation to evaluate student nurse patient safety competency. Clinical Simulation in Nursing 13 (12) , pp. 628-633.
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Colberg-Ochs, S. R., Zarrabi, L., Bennington, L. K., Nakave, A., Somma, C. Thomas., Swain, D. P. and Sechrist, S. R. (2009). Postprandial walking is better for lowering the glycemic effect of dinner than pre-dinner exercise in type 2 diabetic individuals. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association 10 (6) , pp. 394-397.

Book Chapters

Bennington, L. K. (2013). Immunogenetics Genetics and Genomics for Nursing Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.
Bennington, L. K. (2013). Mosaicism Genetics and Genomics for Nursing Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.


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