Associate Professor
Department of Teaching & Learning

Kristine Sunday

3135 Education Building
Norfolk, 23529

Kristine Sunday is an Associate Professor of Teaching and Learning, Undergraduate Program Director for Early Childhood Education, and Co-Director of the Daren College of Education and Professional Studies' Literacy Center. She earned her PhD in Art Education from the The Pennsylvania State University in 2011.

Ph.D. in Art Education, Pennsylvania State University, (2011)

Contracts, Grants and Sponsored Research

Eckhoff, A., Baker, P. and Jane, G. "Early Childhood Symposium" $10,000. Private. January 2015 -


Early Childhood Art
Early Childhood Pedagogy
Qualitative Research Methodology

Research Interests

As a researcher, Kristine draws from post-structural theories and qualitative research methods to pose questions about children, learning, and the visual arts, in early childhood classrooms.


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Book Chapters

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